Aug 27, 2019 | Newsletter, Opportunities

3 exciting projects, 3 different countries, 2 specialty crops & 1 unique opportunity.

All with 1 common goal.

To provide the opportunity to the everyday man or woman to create wealth, generate passive cashflow and increase their exposure to previously unavailable markets.

Until recently you had to be a multi-millionaire or hedge fund to invest in agriculture.

The normal man on the street could only dream of these types of investments or place his money with a financial planner and hope that his mutual fund and stock tips paid off.

But all too often they were left with nothing to show for it after years of angst. Nothing except the steady outflow of fees, that is.

Times have changed, people are getting a financial education, and real estate syndication is making it possible for you to play with the “big boys”

We are very proud to have successfully syndicated and to now operate 17 specialty Coffee and Cacao farms in Panama and Belize. Not without its bumps and challenges, but 5 years later we are not only still here, but we are still growing as a company, expanding our operations and scope, and now producing amazing world-class specialty coffee and fine flavor chocolate.

Just not that much volume yet…but nature takes time and we are not far off reaching peak production. All eyes on 2020/21!

All that being said, our investors wanted more. Some wanted more diversification, some a shorter timeframe with a defined exit strategy, some wanted US based opportunities and some just wanted to see a larger return.

So, after extensive due diligence, we have delivered.


In our newest project, which is for Accredited Investors Only, we have acquired a fully operational, fully permitted producing cannabis farm in Humboldt County, California. The farm has been in operation for 20 years by the same Owners (who are staying on as our newest partners to oversee operations)

$100,000 minimum investment.

Total ROI of 185% Plus the full return of your initial investment capital after 7 years. Annualized returns of 26%…Plus…. an additional 10% equity stake After you have received your 7 years returns and 100% return of your initial investment capital back.

Find out more here


For something non-agricultural related, we were presented with the opportunity to acquire a 30.7-acre island off the coast of San Pedro town, Ambergris Caye, Belize. And we acquired it for less than half of the MAI appraised market valuation.

We have met the minimum and paid the first 3 installments to the Vendor and are 75% of the way towards the Max $4,8M.

We have taken possession of the asset and can begin the permitting process.

N.B: It is not our intention to develop the island. Not our skill set!

We will be obtaining all necessary approvals, permits and satisfy all legal and regulatory requirements to allow the property to be sold to and developed by a 3rd party purchaser.

$100,000 minimum investment.

Total ROI of $116%. Estimated 3-year timeline. Annualized return of 38%.

Upon sale of the island, investors will first receive back 100% of their initial investment capital.

The balance will then be split 50/50 between the Investors and Sponsors.

Find out more here


There are 30 x 0.5-acre parcels available in our 12th and most recently acquired high-altitude coffee farm in Panama.

Low entry level $18,000. Average annual return 12%. Slow build up….legacy investment. You should never want to sell this land.

Find out more here

It is our hope and desire that anyone reading this far in this email has found an opportunity that ticks the box for them.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and having your participate along side us in these 3 very unique and very exciting opportunities.

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