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Cayo Grande Island Syndication Phase 1 Closed, Phase 2 Now Open

Apr 12, 2019 | Newsletter

Right on que we are very pleased to announce that we have closed on Phase 1 of the Cayo Grande Island syndication and are taking possession of the 30.7-acre island off the coast of downtown San Pedro, in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

We first announced this unique and exciting syndication opportunity just a month ago, with our first Live Webinar being held on March 13th.

Since then we have raised the first $2.2 M and closed on the first phase of this syndication.

Pursuant to the terms of the Offering Documents the Vendor will take Subscription Interests (Class A shares) in lieu of the cash balance of the purchase price for the Property.

Cayo Grande Island, S.A. will now offer the Vendor’s Shares for sale in the second phase of the Offering, at the same pricing as in phase 1 ($50,000 a share/min 2 shares).

We have also received the new 2019 market appraisal valuation on the property. Originally valued at $8.25M in 2010. The current As Is valuation came in at $9.32M. An increase of just over $1M.

This makes the syndication’s $4 million acquisition price well below 50% of the current valuation – in fact, $5.32M less than the current valuation. Lots of upside potential, we believe!

To review the full set of Offering Documents, watch a recording of the Webinar and submit your expression of interest, click here.

Why Downtown San Pedro V2.0?

Ambergris Caye, and San Pedro in particular, has seen huge development and influx of capital over the last 10 years.

Global hotel brands like Curio Collection by Hilton, Marriot and Jimmy Buffet’s MargaritaVille have all identified this little oasis as a booming market, completed their due diligence and decided to set up shop in San Pedro.

Current hotel occupancy rates are close to 100% and with more and more airlines putting on direct flights to Belize from the US, plus a new international airport planned and approved for Ambergris Caye, you can see why these corporations have so much faith in the demand for extra beds.

As an aside, those numbers are part of the reason why we (David and Darren) opened a Mahogany Chocolate specialty chocolate shop in the Hilton Resort and share all the profits with our cacao farm parcel Owners.!

Fastest growing tourism destination in the Caribbean in 2018 +22%
Trip Advisors Travelers Choice 2018 Top 10 destinations #2

But, as we have already made clear, the principals behind the Cayo Grande Island syndication, are not interested in developing a hotel or resort. It is not our forte.

What we do see as an amazing opportunity is the massive under-supply of commercial real estate that is needed to cater to the anticipated thousands of new residents and tourists.

The problem is, there is just no room downtown to expand as the land is surrounded by water and fully developed, and then some!

If only there was land close to downtown that you could develop…

The development of the 30.7-acre Cayo Grande Island project can add commercial lots that are badly needed retail units, stores, restaurants, bars, parking spaces and office buildings.

As well as recreational facilities, parks, a marina and additional ferry terminals.

Over the last 14 years of working with dozens of developers on ground-up projects in Ambergris Caye, John Turley has been told repeatedly that companies want to develop in this booming market.

But they do not have the contacts, the relationships, the local knowledge and the 3 years of “boots on the ground” work it takes to get a property like this through the permitting stage.

So, when someone else is willing to do the hard work for them and get the land “shovel ready” they see the huge amount of value added and are more than willing to pay a fair price.

This is one of our reasons why we are so comfortable and confident in the success of this unique and exciting island development syndication.

Sound interesting?

To review the full set of Offering Documents, watch a recording of the Webinar and submit your expression of interest, click here.

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