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Since we founded the company in 2014, our focus was initially on building out the coffee and cacao farms network, developing the post-harvest infrastructure, and building the Team. 

With this accomplished, now, we are in a fascinating phase in our development, turning our raw coffee and cacao beans into high-end roasted specialty coffee and delicious finished chocolate bars, truffles, and even our own hot chocolate drink. 

To launch these products, we created a roasted coffee brand, Cuatro Caminos, and an artisanal chocolate brand, Mahogany Chocolate. Then to tie them all together, we opened our very own specialty coffee and chocolate shop, The Perfect Pair.
Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates Logo

Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates

Specialty Coffee

When selecting a name to represent our coffee brand, we chose Cuatro Caminos for several reasons. First, it's the name of the first farm we acquired back in 2014. This farm is now home to our nursery, our coffee mill, and many workers and their families. So the entire journey of our coffee starts and ends on this farm.

With 11 high-altitude specialty coffee farms in our portfolio, our own on-site nursery, post-harvest processing facilities, quality control laboratory, and in-house roasting, we can offer micro-lots of the world's most in-demand varietals, fully traceable through the entire value chain and delivered to your door.

Visit CuatroCaminosCoffee.com
Mahogany Chocolate Ltd.

Mahogany Chocolate Ltd.

Chocolate & Cacao Products
Belize & Panama

Mahogany Chocolate was founded in Belize in 2016 and expanded into Panama in 2019. We set out to be a vertically integrated “seed to bean to finished product” company from day one.

There are many reasons for this, the main one being quality control. When you control the entire value chain, we can select the seeds for our nurseries, then plant and manage our farms, harvest our cacao, ferment and dry it to our specifications, and then turn it into chocolate in our factories. This way, we can ensure our customers receive only the highest quality chocolate that showcases the very best of what Belize and Panama have to offer.

Visit MahoganyChocolate.com
The Perfect Pair logo

The Perfect Pair

Branded Cafe Lounge and Store

In 2018 when we opened The Perfect Pair, the objective was to test our finished coffee and chocolate products on the general public. Until then, we were farmers. At The Perfect Pair, we were able to serve our products, tweak recipes, try out packaging, test flavors, serving methods, and much more. Thankfully, the feedback has been amazing, and we are now the proud owners of one of the most popular destinations in Boquete, with plans to open more venues soon.

As well a serving our delicious coffee and chocolates, visitors can learn how to cup and grade specialty coffee, make their own chocolate bar, and even arrange a tour of our farms. The Perfect Pair has become a real hub in Boquete for tourists, locals, and our Team!

Visit ThePerfectPair.com.pa

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100% Belizean Cacao Butter

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100% Belizean Cacao Powder

44% Milk Belizean Chocolate Bar

57% Dark Milk Belizean Chocolate Bar

72% Dark Belizean Chocolate Bar

80% Extra Dark Belizean Chocolate Bar

Brukdown Milk Chocolate Bar

Chocol'ha Chocolate Drink Mix, Belize Origin

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Chocol'ha Chocolate Drink Mix, Panama Origin

Chocol'ha Spiced Chocolate Drink Mix, Belize Origin

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Chocolate Blanco

Chocolate de Leche 44%

Chocolate Oscuro 57%

Chocolate Oscuro 80%

Limited Edition Specialty Coffee

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Panama Cacao Nibs

Specialty Classics Specialty Coffee

Specialty Estate Blend Specialty Coffee

Specialty Premium Specialty Coffee

Specialty Terroir Geisha Specialty Coffee

White Belizean Chocolate Bar