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Jul 11, 2020Blog, Newsletter

We built our companies on 3 Pillars of Sustainability.

These are not just buzzwords or marketing terms; we live our day to day lives by them.

We ensure that everything we do makes our group of companies Economically Sustainable…for our clients, our team and ourselves.

We are also Environmentally Sustainable…leaving our farms, our land, our little piece of the world in a better way than how we found it.

And we are Socially Sustainable. Making sure that we take care of our people and our community.

Now, more than ever, is when our socially sustainable programs are needed and are taking effect.

We enroll every farm worker in social security, which is not normal practice in Latin America, so they and their families have full medical coverage and all the other benefits. Should they need it.

We have not furloughed a single farmer (from our team of 44) and have no intention of doing so. These honest, hardworking people have no control over their destiny and depend on us, so we need to ensure that they are taken care of.

We have a saying….Happy Farmers = Happy Coffee and Chocolate”

All of our farmers remain on full pay and benefits, have received health and hygiene training and supplies and thankfully to this day are all healthy and well.

Outside of our farm workers we are supporting 30 very poor local families, which when combined adds up to over 150 people, through a local charity we are funding to supply food and basic necessities.

For the rest of our team outside of the farms, we provide numerous benefits including regular free English training classes, virtual book clubs and even an exercise trainer is available.

In Belize, through our Cayo Grande Island and Squirrel Caye Island projects, we are teaming up with RE/MAX Belize to feed the local community.

RE/MAX Belize have been raising funds, working with distributors and so far, delivered 10 tons of rice and beans, along with other food supplies, through the local church.

We are happy to do our part and provide funding to assist in Belize and Panama.

So, if you are a coffee farm parcel Owner in Panama, a Cacao farm parcel Owner in Belize or a Unit Owner in Cayo Grande, Squirrel Caye or Peini Cacao Plantation LLC, you can be proud that your investment is directly helping the people most in need in our communities.

For that, we thank you.

Darren Doyle

Darren Doyle

Co-Founder and President of Agronosotros

[email protected]
Toll Free USA/Canada 877-208-7988
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