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Looking for that tenant who pays the rent on time and never moves out?
How about thousands of cacao and coffee trees?


“What a remarkable way to diversify your cash flow!” – Get Rich Education


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Learn more about how our unique agricultural real estate opportunity is structured and what you can expect to receive as a parcel owner.

Our individual half acre coffee and cacao farm parcels allow you to diversify your portfolio while providing asset protection. Your parcels are managed professionally on your behalf by our team of local experts.

A great turnkey opportunity with manageable risk, sustainable passive cash flow and a chance to benefit local farmers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to be an accredited investor to own parcels with AgroNosotros?
No you do not.  Our parcel ownership opportunity is available to both accredited and non-accredited investors so do not be put off by the questionnaire.  We simply need to know how many non-accredited investors we have in each farm.
How to I electronically sign the form?
To sign the form you will need a digital copy of your wet signature.  If you do not already have one saved on your device or do not know how to create one take a look at our short tutorial here.
Can I sign these forms some other way?
Yes, you can.  We can send PDF versions of this form to you.  You can then print them out, complete the forms and return a copy to us.  Email us a [email protected] to request the PDF versions.
Can I talk to someone on the phone about this opportunity?
Yes, you can.  You are welcome to reach out to us anytime Toll Free from USA/Canada 877-208-7988 or Direct +520-226-9119.

However, many of your questions would more than likely be answered by the information in our exclusive members area.  We urge you to first complete the form above to get access to the due diligence information if you are considering becoming a parcel owner.

Then if you have any questions after reviewing the information in the members area we are happy to schedule a call with you.  Email us at [email protected] to schedule a call.