How We Are Scaling Investor Profits With Belize Island Real Estate

Feb 12, 2020Blog, Opportunities

In early 2019 we successfully syndicated a 30-acres of Belize island real estate off the coast of Ambergris Caye.

We acquired that island for 50% of the appraised value of the land and are now having the land entitled and permitted, to be sold to a 3rd party developer.

We closed on the $5M raise several months ago and last week we announced that we have not only received Provisional Approval to Subdivide for the island as a whole, but we have actually received approval for a complete 130-lot subdivision to be surveyed, subdivided and titled separately as individual lot parcels.

Why we decided to invest in Belize island real estate

The Seller of the land was so pleased with how the process went in working with our team, that he has offered us the opportunity to acquire another 25.5-acre island on the opposite side of Ambergris Caye, named Squirrel Caye.

Belizean beach

Again, we negotiated a deal to acquire the land for substantially below its market value.

There are 3 main differences with this island, Squirrel Caye, and the first island, Cayo Grande, that we believe are meaningful to scaling your profits with this island investment in Belize.

Subdividing For Increased Profit and Cash Flow

Instead of selling the island in one go to a developer, we plan on marketing and selling the 161 titled lots to individual investors.

This will accomplish two things for our investors.

  1. It will provide cash flow sooner. Our investors will enjoy quarterly distributions earlier when lot sales begin, instead of waiting for all 161 lots to be sold in a single bulk sale to a developer.
  2. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. In this market, a single lot generally sells for roughly double, at least, the minimum entry for this opportunity.  Our investors will benefit from the sale of each of the 161 lots for a relatively small entry that is less than the price of one lot. 

Have A Profitable Team

These lot sales will be handled through the global RE/MAX real estate network.

As a reminder, our business partner John Turley is CEO and Co-Owner of the entire Caribbean and Central American (CCA) Region of RE/MAX. John has personally been involved in over 1,700 real estate sales transactions in the Ambergris Caye market, so no one is more qualified to handle the marketing and sale of these lots.

Inside the CCA Region is Panama. David Sewell and myself recently acquired the regional franchise for all of Panama. So, we are now the Regional Owners of RE/MAX Panama.

Accelerate and Over-Deliver

We already have Environmental Approval and Provisional Approval to Subdivide, for a 161-lot subdivision already in-hand, before even taking this opportunity to market!!

This alone takes at least 1 year off the entire entitlement process and represents the most challenging part of the subdivision process.  The heavy lifting has already been done, and approvals are in hand.

What this equates to is a great deal of satisfaction attached to the progress being made in this unique and exciting project. We are ahead of schedule as to the entitlement process as a whole, and more significantly, we are also over-delivering on what we set out to accomplish by way of entitlements for the island.

This is a huge benefit to our investors, as we will be going to market sooner than anticipated, and with an island that is far more valuable to a 3rd party developer, then one that merely had permitted approval to develop.Some people said it could not be done! Many probably doubted it would be possible. And certainly, no one had reason to believe we would be so successful in getting approval for a complete subdivision of the island, and subdivision plan allowing for 130 separately titled properties.

Based on the previous experience of our partner, John Turley, and his affiliates, in the successful approval, subdivision, and development of similar properties in the region, we were always supremely confident that we had the right team on board to get it over the line.

We just did so much faster, and in a much grander fashion, than even we had anticipated!

Highly Desirable Island Property

This island is located on the West coast of Ambergris Caye, whereas Cayo Grande was located in the inner lagoon adjacent to San Pedro Town on the East coast.

This made Cayo Grande ideally suited for commercial development (as an extension of the Town core), and Squirrel Caye ideal for residential sales and development. The West coast has the much sought after Caribbean sunset views, white sandy shores and close access to Secret Beach, the no.1 beach destination in Ambergris Caye.

In fact, Squirrel Caye island itself has over 1,100 feet of prime West-facing beachfront, with ALL lots being either beachfront or canal-front.Belize is the Caribbean’s Fastest Growing Market for Tourism:

  • Fastest growing tourism destination in the Caribbean (Q1-2018) – 22.5%
  • Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice 2018 – Top 10 Destination in Central America (#2)
  • Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice 2018 – Top 25 Destination in the World (#17)
  • Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice – #1 Island in the World (2013, 2014)
  • 2012-2017 (6 Years): +83.43% Increase in Overnight Tourist Arrivals (13.93% Average Annualized Growth)
  • Belize is the “Top English-Speaking Retirement Haven in the Caribbean” – International Living Magazine
  • Ambergris Caye…“Best Island in the World to Retire To” and “Top 10 Islands in the World to Live On” – Islands Magazine
  • Top 10 Places to Retire (Ambergris Caye) – U.S. News & World Report
  • Belize Barrier Reef is the largest living barrier reef in the world
  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve is one of the top 10 dive/snorkel locations in the world.

Flexible Entry Equals Profits For More

The total raise for this Opportunity is $7M. Before even going public John Turley has already secured $5.5M in investments and we have reserved the remaining $1.5M worth of units for our current and future clients!

In addition to exclusive access to the remaining units, we also negotiated a lower entry-level of $50,000, versus the listed $100,000 minimum entry.

You can add to your $50,000 position in incremental $10,000 units.

The Offering has an estimated 3-year time horizon from now, giving you an annualized rate of return of 26.8%. 

And remember, the quarterly distributions from lot sales are expected to commence within 9-12 months of our Fund closing, so cash flow is projected to start very quickly.

We really feel that this has turned into a home run for all of our investors.START HERE

It’s Your Turn To Scale Your Profits

Click here to access the Executive Summary and request the complete set of Offering Documents.

This Offering is a Regulation D 506(c) Private Placement and available to Accredited Investors only, so if you qualify, have a read through the details of this exciting Offering.

Then if you are interested in reserving one of the remaining positions available, schedule a consultation here and we can discuss the opportunity in more detail.

With the early success from our Cayo Grande Fund putting us more than a year ahead of schedule, AND with already having our Provisional Approval to Subdivide for Squirrel Caye into 161 lots, AND our being more than 80% funded already, we don’t expect this opportunity to be available for long!

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