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Many of you may remember or have heard of Wayne Gretzky, probably the greatest hockey player ever. He credited his success to always being where the hockey puck was going, not where it was.

Being headquartered in Panama and with companies in Belize, we have always been firm believers in investing in the “Path of Progress”, where the puck is going.

Being truly “boots on the ground” in these emerging markets exposes us to unique opportunities that you will not hear about from your typical “investment professional”. They simply do not have access to the type of deal-flow we see on the ground on a regular basis.

Now, as my Dad always said, “you cannot kiss all the girls”, so you have to pick and choose the opportunities that best match your skillset and team.

Needless to say we have turned down many opportunities, some that may have been great deals, but were not right for us at that time. Timing as they say is everything and just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

As we are now in year 5 with our coffee business in Panama and year 3 with our cacao operations in Belize, the companies are firmly established with the corporate structure and management teams in place and we are now able to expand our portfolio of investment offerings.

So when we recently met up with our friend John Turley, CEO and Co-Owner of RE/MAX Caribbean & Central America region, to have breakfast in Ambergris Caye he told us of his plans for a 30.7 acre island, only a stone’s throw away from where we sat. Needless to say we were intrigued.

We always assess potential partners based on Character 1st, Commitment 2nd and Capability 3rd.  

John has all 3 in spades as well as an intimate knowledge of the Belizean and Ambergris Caye real estate/investment market.  

Not only did he live there full-time with his family for 14 years, but while living there and running his RE/MAX franchise, he was the no.1 RE/MAX agent in the world (2014), and Top 3 in the world 3 years running.  For 7 consecutive years (2012-2018), John has been the #1 RE/MAX Associate in all of Latin America (that includes both Central AND South America).   

All of these accomplishments came from selling property in Ambergris Caye, an island of 22,000 people, and the #1 tourist destination in the country.  Did I mention that it also happens to be one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in all of the Caribbean…?! .  

John has his finger right on the pulse of this dynamic market, and has experience running multiple ground up developments in Ambergris Caye.   He has been involved in brokering over 1,700 real estate transactions in the Ambergris Caye market, including having personally invested in over 120 properties.  So when John shares with us where he sees opportunity in this market,….people listen, ourselves included.  

Together with John we have successfully syndicated phase 1 of the financing of this 30.7-acre island through an Offering called Cayo Grande Island S.A.   

We have closed on phase 1, we have control of the island asset and the Class A and Class B shares will be issued next week to the participants.   

Phase 2 of the raise is now open and the opportunity still exists to participate alongside us in this very unique and exciting island syndication.  

Class A shares in this unique syndication opportunity are  
$50,000 each, Minimum $100,000 investment.  

Investor total R.O.I 116%               
Annualized Return 38%  

If you have not yet seen the Opportunity Summary or visited the website where we outline how the Cayo Island syndication is structured, click the links below and learn all about it! 


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