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It´s a Go! Belize Cayo Grande Island Syndication

May 8, 2019 | Newsletter

From an idea to a reality in the space of a few weeks, our Cayo Grande Island project in Ambergris Caye, Belize is up and running. 
At this point, we have closed on the initial tranche which now gives us control of the assets and the ability to proceed with title transfer.  
We have also made a second installment in accordance with the purchase agreement. 
The lawyers are busy creating the Cass A and Class B shares, pursuant to the terms of the Offering Documents, and will be ready to be issued shortly. 
If you have not yet seen the Opportunity Summary or visited the website where we outline how the island syndication is structured, click the links below and learn all about it! 



As of today, we are over half way through our $4.8M raise and with larger institutional investors looking to take a sizeable portion, we still have room for around a dozen individual investors. 

Class A shares in this unique island syndication opportunity are 
$50,000 each, Minimum $100,000 investment.
Investor total R.O.I 116%              
Annualized Return 38%

The Opportunity 

Cayo Grande is a 30.07-acre private island located in the sheltered waters of the San Pedro Lagoon, on the leeward (western) side of Ambergris Caye, immediately adjacent to downtown San Pedro Town. 

The Opportunity 

San Pedro is located on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize, and is the top tourist destination in Belize, which is the Caribbean’s fastest growing market for tourism. 

Booming Market, Limited Land 

The downtown of San Pedro is physically restricted from expansion due to its’ being surrounded by water to the east (Caribbean Sea) and west (San Pedro Lagoon). The current downtown is completely built out and a vacant lot for development is a rarity. 


Prime Island Location 

The opportunity exists to expand the downtown area into “new San Pedro v2.0” through the addition of the Cayo Grande Island’s 30 acres into the town landscape. 


An Exclusive Opportunity 

Cayo Grande Island, S.A. was able to acquire the subject Property at a very substantial discount to the current market value based on comparable properties in the region, with very favorable purchase terms and conditions. 


The Intent 

It is the intention of Cayo Grande Island, S.A. to entitle and permit, but not develop the Property. Cayo Grande Island, S.A. has now acquired the Property and will obtain all necessary approvals, permits and satisfy all other legal and regulatory requirements to allow the Property to be sold to and developed by a 3rd party purchaser. 

Urban planning land use model.


It is estimated this process, including all permitting and regulatory approvals, including the sale of the Property, will require 36 months from closing of this offering. 



This is the 2nd such island Property adjacent to San Pedro to be successfully “permitted” by one of the principals involved in Cayo Grande Island, S.A. This project resulted in the property being appraised at approximately 10x the purchase price within 36 months of acquisition. 


Sound Interesting? 

Contact me for more details and to schedule a call so you can reserve your place and share in the profits of this once in a life time opportunity! 

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