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Specialty Coffee Farmland Ownership Opportunity

International Coffee Farms offers investors the chance to place capital in unique specialty coffee farmland in Boquete, Panama—the Napa Valley of specialty coffee.

What is specialty coffee?

In this short video you will learn what specialty coffee is and how we produce it in Boquete, Panama

How it Works



The Opportunity

From a macro view, specialty coffee consumption in the U.S. has constantly grown over the last 18 years. Daily specialty coffee consumption has increased from 14% in 2001 to 41% as of 2017. Add to that 60% of cups sold are specialty coffee.


Building On Success

AgroNosotros has successfully syndicated 12 specialty coffee farm in Boquete, Panama. International Coffee Farms has now acquired a new farm and is already in the process of developing this new 75-acre farm.


The Plan

International Coffee Farms provides an agricultural syndication opportunity whereby 75 acres of virgin, farmland in Boquete, Panama will be developed into well run, highly productive specialty coffee farmland.


Sustainable Cash Flow

These farms will be fully planted during July and August of 2019 and will continue to produce specialty coffee, that sells for a premium price, in perpetuity for generations.


Jeff S

I’ve been a parcel investor with International Coffee Farms since 2014 and just attended the Boquete Group Tour on July 27th through 29th as a parcel investor. Even though I’ve been involved with the group as an investor for a few years, this was my first time on site, meeting everyone from the group in person.

True to their word, from the moment I arrived at the Boquete airport, I was in ICFC’s hands, and they took care of me for the rest of the 3 days right up until my drop off back at the airport. The tour wasn’t in the slightest a sales pitch, and I can attest to that since I was already a current investor for years before I arrived.
We visited 3 farms on the tour and the last one we visited, Loma De Los Cedros, is where my actually parcel is located. I got to see the farm and drink the coffee from my actual deeded farmland! I was impressed with the level of talent they possess in the coffee world.

The meals were all paid for and delicious, and they also had an open bar at the hotel while the group gathered for certain events.  The tour lived up to the hype I was expecting when I finally booked my trip down there, and would highly recommend anyone who is even remotely interested in investing, or current investors such as myself to visit.

Rob & Carrie Y.

My husband and I heard about the unique coffee farm ownership opportunity with ICFC in Panama while listening to the Real Estate Guys interview David Sewell, the founder.

 We live in Seattle, WA, so it was a long flight, but we wanted to make sure that if we were going to do business with ICFC, it would be a credible company.

 From the moment we as tour participants were picked up at the airport until we were dropped off, everything was stellar and exactly as advertised. We saw their farms, met their employees and learned more about their plan for producing premium quality coffee, while generating very respectable returns for their investors.

 Additionally, they have worked to improve the lives of their employees, and we were able to see the tangible results of that.

 Their model is unique in that they offer deeded ownership of parcels. They rehab existing farms or build up farms from raw land. Their goal is to grow the best quality coffee possible. Darren Doyle, Co- Founder and VP, will assist you to make your purchase process very smooth.

 Finally, you might be wondering about the taste of the coffee. When visiting their new Beneficio (processing plant), I was able to sample many wonderful varietals from several farms. All delicious! Upon returning home, I had a bag for my husband since he was unable to join me.

 After brewing it, he declared it was the best coffee he had ever tasted. Coming from someone living in the coffee capital of the US (and a bit of a coffee snob) that was quite a testimony.

 We are excited about partnering with International Coffee Farms.

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