Mar 13, 2020 | Newsletter, Opportunities

“Watch this webinar to learn how you can pack your parachute with hard assets to avoid the volatility in the current US stock and bond markets”

On Wednesday evening we were excited to be hosting our latest Live webinar and we thank everyone who took time from their busy schedules to attend.

Especially with Wednesday being the day that officially marked the end of the longest Bull Run in US history.

The stock markets are down now from their recent highs, are extremely volatile and no one knows how long this will go on.

For years we have been practicing what we preach and investing in uncorrelated hard assets and helping our clients to move their investment capital away from Wallstreet and into safe, cash flowing hard assets in emerging economies. Namely Panama and Belize.

In the last 12 months, we have had an increasing number of clients who thankfully pulled their capital away from the stock market and redeployed it into our coffee and cacao farms and more recently into our Cayo Grande Island Syndication, located in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Wednesday’s webinar was focused on our latest live island syndication, Squirrel Caye Island, LLC, also located in the Ambergris Caye market of Belize.

Taking into account the events of the past week, our clients, partners and ourselves, now believe even more in the value of this exact type of investment opportunity.

Investing in land has always been a safe, steady store of value in tough economic times. When people are as much concerned about the return OF their investment as much as the return ON their investment.

When you can acquire the land for 75 cents on the dollar, as we have done in Squirrel Caye Island, the real value add comes when the land you acquire is approved to be subdivided and developed into 161 deeded waterfront residential lots.

You now have the potential to more than double that original land value.

All of the above applies to Squirrel Caye Island, LLC and in the webinar John Turley explains in detail, the progress made so far and why this opportunity makes even more sense today than it did when we launched a few weeks ago.

Feel free to share this email with friends, family, and associates who are Accredited Investors and who are looking for a safe and profitable place to re-allocate their investment capital.

This 506(c) Private Placement Offering is almost completely sold out, with only $1M of the total $7M Financing still available.

And a significant portion of that $1M has been spoken for by those investors who attended the webinar on Wednesday evening.

Minimum Entry is only $50,000 and you can increase your holding in $10,000 increments.

Schedule a call with me HERE to request the full set of Private Placement documentation and subdivision maps.

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