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Why Cacao and Why Panama?

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Mahogany Chocolate has a critical need to lock in a safe and secure supply of high-quality, ethically produced cacao for its growing national and international chocolate sales program.

Worldwide demand continues to outstrip supply for fine flavored Trinitario cacao.
Panama’s unique advantage is the potential to supply a significant amount of high-quality fine flavored cacao while taking advantage of the logistical infrastructure in-country that supports the Panama Canal.

Demand for fine flavor cacao beans continues to outpace supply, as there has consistently been an annual shortage of approximately 13,000 metric tonnes of cacao for the last six years.

This chronic shortage can result in price hikes by cacao farmers and traders and competition among gourmet processors, shifting power to these suppliers.
Mahogany Chocolate management believes this premium pricing may lead to considerable increases in the future and wants to control this pricing at the farm gate to control the input cost of cacao in its manufacturing process.

How will we do this?

By taking complete control from “seed to bean” and growing our own cacao.
Cacao Caribe, SA is a 506 b Private Placement offering, created to acquire 62.5 hectares (156 acres) of prime farmland in Panama’s famous cacao growing region. This land will be developed into a well-run, specialty cacao farm that will produce fine flavor cacao for generations to come.

Did you know that a cacao tree can produce high-quality cacao for 25 years before needing to be replaced?

Just one productive life-cycle of this farm will guarantee a source of cacao for the next 25 years. With proper farm management and crop rotation, we can do so for generations.

To find out how you can create legacy income for your family from the sale of this cacao, request the Executive Summary and schedule a consultation here.

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