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Why Cannabis and Why California?

Sep 2, 2019 | Newsletter, Opportunities

The Cannabis industry is getting a lot of attention right now.

But with so many opportunities, how do you choose the right one for you?

For us, with the downstream sector in a constant state of flux, we have chosen to go to the source, owning the farm and controlling production.

Farming, it´s what we do!

When we were doing our extensive due diligence, we identified California and specifically the Emerald Triangle region because it is known for producing the highest quality product in the market.

One risk factor to watch for in this industry could be saturation of the market with lots of money piling into the overall cannabis space, largely focused on distribution and retail dispensaries. Not the farms!

The Cannabis produced in Humboldt County is a much sought after, high-value product and should maintain its high demand and premium price due to a limited supply.

Considered the “Napa Valley of Cannabis”, the Cannabis grown in the Emerald Triangle is held in such high regard, that it even carries “proof of origin” labeling.

We chose this specific farm because it is not only in this highly reputable region and has been fully operational for 20 years, but most importantly, it is fully licensed and permitted.

This is huge.

It means that when we close on the farm on September 30th, we have a crop growing now that we can sell on the White Market (Legal and regulated) in October.

Many start-ups and new ventures you hear about will need to wait years to get permitting in place to legally sell their product in this highly regulated market.

Another key aspect of this farm that led us to choose it over the others, is that they are only using 37% of their permitted space to grow Cannabis.

So, think about that, with a simple injection of capital and addition of greenhouses and related infrastructure, we can increase production by 177%. With no extra licenses or permitting required.

It’s not rocket science and we are not re-inventing the wheel.

Simply taking an underperforming yet fully licensed and permitted asset and taking it to its next level, as we continue to develop the farm to its maximum potential.

Another key factor in why we chose this specific farm, is that the current owners and operators for 20 years have agreed to stay.

1st they will become Class A investors so they will be on the same page as all investors.

2nd they will remain as full time, on-site managers for year 1 and, when they identify and train their direct replacements, they will move to a Consultant role for the next 3 to 5 years.

More on them in our next report.

So, if you are an Accredited Investor and want to participate alongside us in this unique and very exciting opportunity… complete the following Investor Suitability Questionnaire and we can provide you with the complete set of Offering Documents, which will include the Private Placement Memorandum and Executive Summary.

You can also schedule a one-on-one consultation HERE to discuss the opportunity in more detail.

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