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? Belizean Bars Available In The US

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We are pleased to announce that our US distributor of Belizean chocolate bars has received his container and is fully stocked up!

As many of your know, we have been working with a client of ours in the US that made our Belizean range of chocolate bars available on Amazon and Shopify.

Back in January he placed a large order which we sent by sea in March and which has finally landed, cleared customs, and is ready for sale with local US delivery.

Up until now he only had the 72% Belizean 80-gram bar and our Brukdown 57% dark milk 50-gram bars available. Now we are very pleased to announce that you can find and order our full range of Belizean bars and our new delicious chocolate powdered drink, Chocol’ha.

You can see our full range of bars below in their new and improved packaging.

So if you are an existing cacao parcel owner who has never been to Belize to taste the amazing chocolate from YOUR FARMS… they are now easily available with delivery to your door.

If you have been following our progress and are interested in investing or simply in trying some of the best chocolate from Belize, having these bars available with US distribution makes it possible for you to do so.

Check out the following link, order some bars and Chocol’ha for family and friends, and dont forget to give us a 4 star review 🙂

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