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Sustainable Wealth Building Cash Flow Vehicles

Island Mountain Humboldt, LLC

Humboldt Country truly is the Napa Valley of the Cannabis world.

International Coffee Farms

Single Origin Estate Specialty Coffee
from Boquete, Panama

Peini Cacao Plantation

Cacao only grows in the “cacao belt”, an area North and South of the equator where the tropical conditions provide the perfect balance.


Financial Planning

In times of geopolitical uncertainty, economic volatility and all time high stock valuations, investing for the long term in tangible assets is a prudent choice. 


Create a Diverse Portfolio

By diversifying outside of paper assets and your home country you can lower your portfolio’s beta (volatility, or in other words, risk) while also increasing returns.

Build Wealth

Personal Wealth Management

Hedge against inflation, achieve positive cash flow with superior risk adjusted returns and watch your wealth grow with our unique expertly managed cacao and coffee farms.


Cacao (Chocolate) Syndication

Earn Passive Cashflow from cacao farming operations in Belize and chocolate bar sales in Panama

  • Participate in an Established $100 Billion Industry
  • Infrastructure In-Place & Operational
  • Farming Team Established
  • Farms Identified and Planted
  • Chocolate Bar Design and Sales Done for You
  • Passive Turnkey Investment
  • Build Generational Wealth
#Impact Investing #Socially Sustainable # Turnkey Managed #Specialty Agriculture


Specialty Coffee Farmland Real Estate Ownership Opportunity

A cash flowing passive investment backed by deeded farmland real estate in Boquete, Panama. Earn Cash flow from specialty coffee farming operations and green coffee sales worldwide.

  • Proven Product – a $90 Billion Industry
  • Socially Sustainable
  • Turnkey Managed
  • Established Team in Place
  • Procesing Facilities Operational
  • Passive Annual Income
  • Legacy Investment
#Impact Investing #Socially Sustainable # Turnkey Managed #Specialty Agriculture


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