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Financial Planning

In times of geopolitical uncertainty, economic volatility and all time high stock valuations, investing for the long term in tangible assets is a prudent choice. 


Create a Diverse Portfolio

By diversifying outside of paper assets and your home country you can lower your portfolio’s beta (volatility, or in other words, risk) while also increasing returns.

Build Wealth

Personal Wealth Management

Hedge against inflation, achieve positive cash flow with superior risk adjusted returns and watch your wealth grow with our unique expertly managed cacao and coffee farms.

Benefits & Sustainability

Of allocating a portion of your portfolio to cash flowing agricultural real estate.

Professional Turnkey Managed

Benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of our expert team of operators.

Social Sustainability

Help improve the lives of cacao farmers and chocolate workers in Belize through living wages and medical and pension benefits by supplying a channel to market for hundreds of subsistence farmers.

Economic Sustainability

By maintaining profitability we are able to deliver solid returns to our investors, improve the lives of our partner farmers and pay our team members.

Risk Mitigation

By implementing smart farming practices and profiting from multiple revenue streams we mitigate your risk across the value chain.

Truly Passive Income

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the mailbox money. Our investments pay out annually and require no additional payments from you after the initial purchase.

Environmental Sustainability

We go into every farm with with the unwavering determination to not only avoid damaging the land, but to leave it better off than we found it. By operating a closed loop system and reusing all of our waste products, implementing specialized soil reparation, and minimizing erosion we are able to achieve superior results that preserve the integrity of the environment while also producing the highest quality crops.  

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