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AgroNosotros started as a pioneering effort to vertically integrate the specialty coffee and fine flavor cacao industries, beginning with International Coffee Farms in Panama in 2014 and Peini Cacao Plantation & Mahogany Chocolate in Belize in 2016.

Executive Team

David Sewell, B.Sc. MBA

David Sewell, B.Sc. MBA

Founder and CEO of AgroNosotros

David is the Founder and CEO of the AgroNosotros Group of companies, including Peini Cacao Plantation Ltd., Belize Cacao Traders Ltd., and Mahogany Chocolate, Ltd. in Belize and International Coffee Farms and The Perfect Pair, in Panama.

David and his very experienced multi-national and multi-lingual team of about 80 personnel operate sixteen (16) specialty coffee and cacao farms in Panama and Belize. Both of these “specialty agriculture” businesses are fully vertically integrated from “seed-to-bean-to-cup” (coffee) and seed-to-bean-to bar” (cacao/chocolate), respectively.

David strongly believes in the future of specialty agriculture as one of the most likely asset classes to realize spectacular investment gains over the next 20 years.

With an extensive business background in private equity, venture capital and offshore private wealth management, David’s attention is focused on creating and operating businesses that offer real hard assets with growth potential, and an emphasis on the Triple Bottom Line framework that prioritizes people, planet, and profits equally.

Darren Doyle

Darren Doyle

Co-Founder and President of AgroNosotros

Darren is the Co-Founder and President of the AgroNosotros Group of companies in Panama and Belize.

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Darren moved offshore at 19, and has lived offshore in dozens of countries around the world, adapting to different cultures and languages over the last two decades.

Darren has been instrumental to the growth of AgroNosotros over the last 6 years through offering outside investors the opportunity to participate alongside the company as passive investors in turn-key managed specialty coffee and cacao farms in Panama and Belize. With $15M+ raised, and over 600+ farm parcels sold to 400+ clients, Darren oversees all owner and investor relations, from maintaining healthy relationships with existing clients, to raising capital and forging client relationships with new investors/owners. 

From their Panama City office, Darren is also actively involved in developing the channels to market and distribute their specialty coffee and fine flavor chocolate wholesale and retail products to high-end customers nationally in Panama and Belize, as well as internationally in Europe, Asia, the US and CARICOM.

Andres Lopez

Andres Lopez

VP Farming Operations

Andres Lopez has worked in the coffee industry for the last 28 years developing a wide range of experience in coffee farming and processing as well as planning and engineering sustainable, eco-friendly coffee farms. His experience also encompasses direct farm personnel management, increasing farm utilization and profitability, inventory and warehouse control, product quality control, milling and roasting processes.

He’s overseen the implementation of modern farming practices on our cacao farms in Belize, with a focus on quality, education of the local Mayan farmers, disease prevention and increased productivity.

As a qualified grader of specialty coffee, Andres is a well respected member of the local and international specialty coffee community.

Since 2016 Andres has also started to apply his years of coffee knowledge to the cacao industry. He’s overseen the implementation of modern farming practices on our cacao farms in Belize, with a focus on quality, education of the local Mayan farmers, disease prevention and increased productivity.

Einar Segovia Navarro

Einar Segovia Navarro

Director of Finance

Einar comes from the Banking and Finance Business, bringing in more than 20 years of experience as a Panamanian bilingual professional in the Commercial and Corporate Banking divisions.

Born in Chiriqui and established in beautiful Boquete, where the best coffee grows, he has a special connection with the productive lands of the region and looks towards being part of the improvement process of sustainable activities related to coffee and cacao.

He is working on developing more efficient cost and expenses management procedures to support production and sales divisions in the next growth stage of the company.

Daniele Levorato

Daniele Levorato

Chief Operating Officer

Daniele is an Italian trilingual professional with 25 years of experience. He started his career in the consulting world, working in public administration, various European Projects, and NGO’s.

He then transitioned into telecommunications over ten years ago starting as an analyst and working his way up to manage complex projects all around the world. In 2014 he decided to take a sabbatical leave to explore the world and new business opportunities, ultimately deciding to move to Latin America. Living in the Panamanian highlands since 2016 where he owns and manages a “farm to table” restaurant with his wife.

In early 2020 Daniele joined AgroNosotros as Chief Operating Officer with the purpose of contributing with his experience in project management and gastronomy to help the specialty coffee and cacao business grow exponentially.

Armando Choco

Armando Choco

Executive Chocolate Maker

Luis Armando Choco, widely and commonly known to us as Armando is our executive chocolate maker and manager for our Belize cacao and chocolate operation. That’s right, his last name is “Choco”. Aptly titled and energetically embraced as these days he breathes, eats, and sleeps chocolate.

Armando, a resident of San Pedro Columbia, a cacao producing and Kekchi speaking village in southern Belize joined our team in 2017. Since then he has built our factory with a full-scale chocolate production line.

Prior to joining our team, Armando has worked extensively (over 13 years) with cacao and cacao farmers, representing an international cacao buyer and chocolate company, in Belize. His work includes project management, proposal writing, and administration extended to grower associations, cooperatives, and private farmers.

Armando developed our “Belizean” and “Brukdown” chocolate bar brands which included recipe development, product designs, packaging, and sales.

With an accumulated 15 years of experience in the cacao and chocolate industry, Armando is focused on improving the craft of the production process, developing new products together with his team, and focusing on product sales for the local and international markets.

Hector Rodriguez

Hector Rodriguez

Director of IT / Systems

Hailing from Belize, home to our cacao farms and chocolate company, Mahogany Chocolate, Hector joined the company initially to help lessen our carbon footprint by moving much of our processes into a digital or electronic form furthering our eco-friendliness and streamlining workflows. 

Fully automating all of the companies’ many websites, email campaigns, CRM and Social Media platforms to create a smooth interface with our clients from around the world. 

After relocating to Panama for over a year to support the Sales and Marketing team, Mr. Rodriguez now resides back in Belize where he continues to support our tech, sales and marketing teams in Panama City, Boquete and Belize.

Hector leads the team who are creating our e-commerce platforms that will be vital to to get our specialty coffee and chocolates out to the world.

Tatiana Castro

Tatiana Castro

Executive Assistant

Born in Colombia into an agricultural family, Tatiana studied Political Science and later on History, at the most prestigious university in South America, and speaks Spanish, English and French.  Having lived in Canada she recognized the opportunity to offer North American standards in customer service, here in Latin America.

Agriculture was always a strong influence, eventually drawing her to work as an agricultural real estate agent finding excellent land for different crops and connecting with international buyers.

Immediately RE/MAX and AgroNosotros grabbed her attention as an opportunity to grow and be more in contact with not just the sale, but also the operational side of the farms.

With passion and dedication Tatiana has become a key player in establishing our specialty coffee distribution channels and creating strong relationships with coffee buyers around the world.

In our regular Origin tours where we host investors and industry experts from around the world, Tatiana is “host with the most” and takes care of everything from logistics to dietary requirements and extracurricular activities.

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