Group Specialty Coffee and Cacao Tours

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Educational, Informative, Fun and Unique!

AgroNosotros (AgN) invites you to a fun and educational weekend in Boquete, Panama.

Come and visit some of our 12 coffee farms, our 77,000 coffee sapling nursery, state-of-the-art wet and dry coffee processing facility (beneficio in Spanish), coffee grading and evaluation laboratory and “worm hotel”!

New Addition! We recently acquired our very first cacao farm in Panama. Be one of the first groups to come visit this 61.5 hectares (154 acres) farm, the newly built cacao sapling nursery and meet the cacao farmers who have joined the growing AgN Family!

After visiting the farms and beneficios, we will take you to our Specialty Coffee and Artisanal Chocolate shop, The Perfect Pair. Here you will learn the “Secret Sauce” behind how we practice our own unique “Art of Coffee and Cacao Science”.

These group tours are your chance to come and visit Panama, get to know us and our team, walk the farms and experience each step in our vertically integrated “seed to bean to bar/cup” process.

You will enjoy the delights of Panama and profit from the education you will receive about 2 of its most famous products, specialty coffee and chocolate.

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An amazing and unique specialty coffee discovery adventure

What’s in store for you?

Your amazing and unique specialty coffee discovery adventure begins when you arrive in David Airport (Enrique Malek) DAV.

Our team will be waiting to collect you at the arrival gate and will take you and the rest of our intrepid travelers up to Boquete. About a 45 minute drive up a new 4 lane highway.

You will be spending the next 4 nights in Boquete at our Host hotel, Boquete Luxury Mountain Villa.

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Tour Testimonial

  • "Thank you and the executive team for hosting such a great farm tour in early March. My wife Audrey and I were so impressed with the knowledge and experience that you, David and each team member brings to AgroNosotros.

    The explanations and information were garnered at each farm we visited was very helpful as we were able to witness first hand the different crops, the processing processes and equipment involved. We learned how ecological and water wise AgroNosotros is compared to competitors when it comes to processing coffee beans. 

    Our afternoon at The Perfect Pair chocolate and coffee shop was a fun learning experience. We enjoyed being able to participate in the final steps of chocolate forming and coffee tasting. We never imagined being a coffee barista was so
    involved. The scenery was certainly an added bonus as the Boquete highlands are a wonderful part of Panama to explore.

    We were fascinated with Andre’s knowledge of best practices to ensure healthy robust crops and his designation as a cupper. I could have spent hours with Daniele learning about Cacao and his vision for the future. I don’t want to delve into the positives of the firms’ financials here but suffice to say I greatly admire a company with such low reliance on debt and such a great balance sheet. This is one of several reasons we have both committed investment capital to AgroNosotros coffee and cacao farms. I have looked at many competing investments over the last few years. I would highly recommend your coffee and Cacao tours to anyone interested is agriculture and investment opportunities.

    Lastly, I cannot finish this without mentioning the guest accommodations. They were excellent as was the kitchen crew and your own team at each meal. We are so happy we participated!"
    Michael P
  • "I had the privilege to visit the whole value chain organized by AgroNosotros of top-grade specialty coffee just a couple of days ago. First, I would like to thank and congratulate Andres Lopez, a real expert and excellent practitioner of coffee production and farm management. 

    The trip was organized in a manner so that we could see production, processing, marketing, and consumption. Hence, the entire value chain. Another value add was to be in a small group with a Canadian couple Silvi and Frank. To be in a group balances the different questions and interests and all can benefit. 

    I am very much convinced that investors add value not only in an economic sense but also in regard to social and ecological parameters. I was very much impressed by how the company balances aspects of ecology, society and economy. 

    Furthermore, I appreciate very much that our Company invests in people and provides fair remuneration, good housing, and education for the children. All this is very important for me as a "social investor". 

    The trip was very well organized and highly informative. Many thanks to Darren, Andres and Daniele."


  • "Wow, wow, wow! I’ve been on several agriculture investment tours but this tops them all. I learned more about the coffee and cacao businesses than I could have possibly hoped for. In addition to visiting several coffee and cacao farms, we toured the processing facilities for each and learned how AgroNosotros adds significant value to the raw product. We had full access to the company’s CEO, President and farm manager so we could ask any question we wanted. And, more importantly, we got honest answers about the current state of the company, the company culture and vision, and their long-term plans. Spending several days with like-minded folks was invaluable. I got to spend time with very sophisticated investors from around the world who don’t easily part with their money. They all agreed that this is a tremendous long-term, wealth-building investment."
    Brian O’G
Andres Lopez in Coffee Plantation

What’s in Store?

Hike around your first coffee farm, Finca Horqueta #1.

A beautiful, high altitude coffee farm and the 3rd farm we acquired back in 2015.

This is the perfect example of a coffee farm that is mid-way through its renovation. With a mix of older trees that we inherited and thousands of baby saplings that were planted over the last few years, and that are now starting to bear fruit!

Here you will also see the new and improved workers accommodation, now fitted with running water, flush toilets, gas stove kitchen, electricity, real beds and 5-inch mattresses. All provided as part of our socially sustainable program for the farmers.

Finca Cuatro Caminos

The very first farm we acquired back in January 2015, and where the coffee gets its name.

In an action packed day on this farm you will visit our 77,000 sapling nursery and receive a demonstration and explanation of how we select the best seeds of the most in-demand varietals.

With a guided tour of our beneficio and laboratory, we will take you through each and every stage in the coffee process from when the ripe red cherries arrive from the farms, all the way through to the exportable green bean.

We will explain how we operate a fully closed loop system where nothing goes to waste and nothing affects our surrounding environment.

In our vermicomposting system, the coffee cherry pulp is collected, treated and fed to thousands of Californian Earthworms in our on-site “worm hotel”.

The dried coffee parchment is kept and stored then used to power the furnace that heats the dryer that dries the coffee, the following year.

You will get to see more worker accommodations, meet some of the kids who live on the farms and get a feel for what it is like to be a real coffee farmer.

Rambala Cacao Farm Tour

For years we have hosted separate coffee and cacao tours, Coffee in Panama and Cacao in Belize, where we have 5 farms, post harvest facilities and one of our factories.

Now with the addition of 61.5 hectares of prime farmland in Chiriqui Grande, we are developing our first cacao farm here in Panama. We built our own on-site nursery, the farm is now 100% planted, and over the next year or so as we approach production, we will build the post harvest facilities on the farms as well.

The new Panama chocolate factory is already up and running in Boquete so now you can tour the cacao farms and coffee farms in one trip, and follow the entire process from seed to bean to finished product.

The Perfect Pair

Our specialty coffee and chocolate shop,The Perfect Pair, is fast becoming the heart and HQ for our group of companies. This is where coffee and chocolate meet, as well as our Team! You will often find the accounting team meeting the farm management team, or marketing meeting the factory team. All over excellent coffee and some decadent hot chocolate.

In a real highlight of the tour, you will receive hands-on demonstrations in how you cup and grade specialty coffee. This will be followed up by a class on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee

Located in The Perfect Pair is our newly built chocolate making factory, so now you will also learn how chocolate is made, from the fermented and dried cacao bean, all the way through to the finished chocolate bars. And, you will even get to make your own chocolate bars to take home to your family.

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Your “Boots On The Ground” Due Diligence

From the time you arrive in David, you are our guests. We are happy to provide all breakfast, lunch and evening meals as well as refreshments, evening entertainment and ground transportation during the tour.

All you need to do is get yourself to Panama! You are responsible for your flights and hotel expenses and any extra curricular events outside of the tour.

Fill out the form below to reserve your seats and feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.

We are happy to talk to you about the details of the tour, the logistics involved and the investment opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Beautiful Boquete, Panama very soon!

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