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Grafting Our Cacao Saplings!

In cacao, just as in coffee, different varietals have different qualities. Some are more robust, with strong root systems, high yields, and are resistant to disease, but tend to have a low quality of cacao. Other varietals produce super high-quality cacao but have a weak root system and are susceptible to disease. Grafting allows us to marry the best of both.
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🌱 155,000 Coffee and Cacao Saplings this Planting Season

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the next best time is today.” As planting season is upon us once again in Panama, the farms are a hive of activity. In Boquete, the coffee farmers are preparing to plant 80,000 coffee saplings of the most in-demand varietals across our network of 11 specialty coffee farms.
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🌱 What Real “Boots on the Ground” looks like! 🚜

How often have you heard the phrase “boots on the ground” used in the investment or real estate industry? Originally it was a Military saying. "Boots on the ground" is shorthand for troops deployed in a foreign country. ... Infantry has been stomping in boots through the mud…. It has become a critical phrase recently for any passive investor who is
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☕ 1st US Shipment & Panama Tours are Back! 🍫

This week was another eventful week in our development as we packed and shipped our first order of specialty coffee and chocolate from the new chocolate factory in Panama to our client in the US. For some time now, you have been able to order our Belizean range of bars and other chocolate products on Amazon, Shopify, and other online
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🎥 Virtual Cacao Farm Tour was a Hit in Japan! 🌳

On July 10th, 2021, we held our first virtual online tour, live from a cacao farm in Panama. Our new distribution partners in Japan organized the tour, supported by the Panamanian Embassy in Japan, and hosted by our Team. When they first requested that we host the tour live via Zoom, we were more than a little skeptical as to
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🌱 Breaking Ground - New Cacao Nursery!

Exciting times this week as our farm team got started building our 75,000 capacity cacao sapling nursery on our new farm in Chiriqui Grande, Panama. Andres Lopez, or VP of Farming Operations, had carefully identified the best area on the 62.5 hectares (156 acres), based on the topography, location, access, and soil. We will be using soil directly from the
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✍️ Signed and Sealed! Our 1st Cacao Farm in Panama!

Hello and greetings from all of our Team here in Panama. To all of our clients and followers in the US, we hope you enjoyed a 4th of July weekend with family and friends and a glimpse of getting back to "normal" after a tough 18 months or so. While the pandemic was tough on all of us, it gave
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🍫 And it’s Live! Cacao Farmland in Panama 🌴

We are delighted to announce the addition of a beautiful 62.5 hectares (155 acres) cacao farm to our portfolio of specialty agriculture farmland in Panama. With 11 specialty coffee farms in Panama and 5 cacao farms in Belize, this will be our first cacao farm in Panama, and we are very excited about it. Located in Chiriqui Grande, near Bocas
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🍫 Panama Chocolate Bars and Roasted Coffee Heading to The US! ☕

Last week we announced that the 1st container shipment of bars and other chocolate products from Belize had arrived in the US. This shipment meant that our Belizean chocolate products were available for order with local US delivery once again in their new and improved packaging. Dozens of you have written to say that you had ordered the bars and
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Live from Japan - Virtual Cacao Farm and Factory Tour

For those of you following our progress, you will have heard us mentioning Japan and our Japanese partners more and more frequently. You hopefully saw the announcement in February where we sent our first shipment of chocolate bars to Japan from our new factory in Panama. This order was placed by our new Japanese clients, who happen to be one
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