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🍫 Belizean Bars Available In The US

We are pleased to announce that our US distributor of Belizean chocolate bars has received his container and is fully stocked up! As many of your know, we have been working with a client of ours in the US that made our Belizean range of chocolate bars available on Amazon and Shopify. Back in January he placed a large order
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Chocolate Offering 80% Funded! Limited Units Available

In April 2020, we launched our newest exciting syndication, introducing a new ownership model that took into account all that we had learned over the previous six years of operations in Panama and Belize. Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC is a 506c Private Placement that owns and operates 2 x 30-acre cacao farms in Toledo, Belize, and a fully operational chocolate
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New Packaging Machine, Product Line, And Market Niche!

Over the coming months and years, we will be gradually upgrading our factory facilities and increasing our production capacity and efficiency. The arrival of our new Flow-Wrapper machine is the next stage in our evolution. When we shipped our large chocolate bar orders to the US and Japan in January of 2021, every one of the many thousand chocolate bars
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12 Tons of green exportable coffee heading to Japan

Saturday at 6 am, our team was gathered on Finca Cuatro Caminos, where our coffee mill, laboratory, and storage facility is located, to load 12 tons of coffee into a container bound for Japan. There were mixed emotions of both excitement and relief, as this container was initially scheduled to set sail in the summer of 2020! But "Rona" had
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Where does chocolate come from?

The global chocolate market is expected to grow to roughly $161 Billion, by 2024. Yet, most people have no idea where chocolate comes from! Did you know it grows on trees? Our Team has created some pretty cool videos to explain the entire "seed to bean to bar" process. Now that you understand the process after watching the video, how
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🍫 [Mahogany Chocolate] National & International Sales Underway!

March 11th, 2021. A significant date in our journey as we continue to introduce our delicious chocolate products to the world. At 6 am on Thursday, our team was busy loading thousands of Mahogany Chocolate bars onto a refrigerated truck, bound for Panama City, to meet the freight forwarder and onwards to Tokyo, Japan. Just two weeks ago we sent our
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1st Chocolate bar order heading to Japan!

We are very excited to announce that our new Japanese partners have secured their 1st order of finished chocolate bars, and we are sending our very first shipment from the new Panama chocolate factory to Japan! Our new client is one of the largest trading companies in Japan, and they are eager to have our bars in-country and available for
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In The News! Check out Mahogany Chocolate on TV

Last week was a busy and satisfying week for our Mahogany Chocolate Team in Belize. On Thursday, we held a product launch at our factory in Punta Gorda, where we unveiled the new and improved packaging and expanded range of Belizean chocolate bars. And we introduced Chocol’ha, our hot chocolate powdered drink, to the market. Limited in numbers due to
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🍫 A new way to enjoy our Belizean chocolate

At Mahogany Chocolate in Belize, we are extremely proud to release our brand-new, reinvigorated, user-friendly, and sleek chocolate bar packaging for our “Belizean” brand of chocolate bars and to launch our newest product  “Chocol’ha”, a decadent hot chocolate powdered drink. Finally, after many months of design work and production tweaks the new packaging and products were officially unveiled at our chocolate factory in
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🍫 [Chocolate News] New Distribution Channels Established!

After what has been a pretty lean 2020 for chocolate bar orders, due to reasons that we all understand yet could not control, 2021 has started with a bang!  This week we received 3 orders from 3 significant channels and 3 different countries. Japan, the US, and Panama. It didn’t happen overnight, though. During 2020 our team spent a lot
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