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Financial Security

What if you could find an investment that not only increased in value over time, but also outpaced inflation? What if that same investment didn’t have massive price fluctuations, but helped provide a basic human need? This is exactly what agricultural investments provide. By 2025, the world population is projected to be 8.2 billion people. With an increase of 400
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New Packaging Machines and Chocolate Bar Wrappers Ordered!

As we continue in the phased development and expansion of the current chocolate-making factory in Belize and the introduction of our new factory in Panama, we are adding new equipment and altering our packaging process to handle the increased production and sales volume. Until now, each and every bar we made has been individually wrapped and packaged by hand. Considering
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Goals are Aligned When You Invest With The Operators

When you invest with AgroNosotros, you invest side by side with Sponsors who are also the Operators. In Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC there are 2 in-house operating companies. Peini Cacao Plantation ltd, who manages the farming operations and Mahogany Chocolate, that handles the chocolate bar production and sales. Both companies have experienced teams in place and facilities that are already operational. The
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Socially Sustainable - Helping Make The World A Better Place

Cacao was first developed as a crop in many ancient South American cultures, with the Aztecs and Maya communities being the most well-known of these indigenous populations. And today still, many of these indigenous communities live off the land by producing cacao. But without technology and sustainable farming practices, these communities are not able to thrive in order to enhance
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A Healthy & Sustainable Product - For Consumers & Investors

Consumers are looking for foods with fewer and cleaner ingredients, and natural products that are made by companies with values they care about that can provide environmental and social sustainability. They also want to feel good about the foods they are consuming, demanding transparency about where their food comes from and what it contains. With specialty foods like cacao, investors
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9 Tons of Coffee Sold in A Week!

It’s 5 am and our Panama team are all logging onto a video conference call with our Team in Japan, where it is 8pm on a Friday evening. We were also joined by our Chocolate Maker Team in Switzerland, Werner and Mitsue. A few months ago, we shipped our first container of coffee, 9 metric tons, to our new partners in
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Legacy Investment – Investing for Future Generations

At present, the cacao industry is a $100 billion industry and expected to grow to $160 billion by 2024.  These numbers iterate the fact that cacao consumption is on the rise and more people are consuming cacao as a specialty product. Millennials are particularly inclined to seek out specialty food options, seeking alternatives that are more natural and socially sustainable.  Investing in specialty
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AgroNosotros & Belize Asset Management – Fireside Chat

Last weekend we recorded a very interesting conversation with one of our partners, which we think you are certain to find captivating and valuable as you continue getting to know us, and in your due diligence on our current cacao/chocolate Offering, Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC. The idea was to have an informal chat. Not “another webinar” with a PowerPoint and a sales pitch! Just a friendly conversation about who
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Safety of Capital – Where to Place Your Money

There are multiple options available to investors through traditional brokerage firms and digital platforms, for which one does not need to be financially sophisticated.  What is needed in order to choose the right alternative is to be aware of the elements of risk involved with each investment and which will offer better security and consistent ROI.  Investing in commodities like
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Financial Security – Going Back to Basics

Nothing provides a more comforting feeling than being able to fulfill a basic human need like food. A commodity that is tangible and satisfies a basic human necessity will always maintain value and in times of global economic crisis, provide a SAFE HAVEN for investors.  Specialty agriculture products like cacao and coffee are not subject to high volatile market swings
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