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9 tons of green coffee on its way to Japan!

Over the last 2 years we have been steadily building our relationships within the coffee and chocolate industry in Japan. From our previous newsletters you will know that we brought Werner and Mitsue Rüegsegger onto our team as consultants during this time. Werner is a Swiss Chocolate Maker with 50+ years’ experience. He and Mitsue have been doing business in
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Work begins on new chocolate factory in Panama

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is coming to Boquete, Panama! We are extremely excited to have started work on our new chocolate factory. Originally the plan was for the factory to be located in the Free Zone in Panama City, but after careful consideration, we have decided to begin production in our hometown of Boquete, Panama. There are many reasons to
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Implementing New Technology in our Coffee Nursery

Building a coffee nursery is probably one of the most important activities a coffee farm needs to develop. This allows us to: Be certain of the quality of the seed, its origin, its varietal and its early treatments among many other important details. Manage the root systems of each plant from the very early beginning of seedling development Manage the
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Monitoring Our Coffee Farms During CO-VID19

The world as we know it may have slowed down, and in some cases even stopped, but life on a coffee farm and the agricultural activities that we perform, continue daily. During the week we visited our cluster of 5 farms in the Jaramillo Region, to monitor our plantations and decide on the shade control protocol that we need to
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[Progress update] Exciting cacao/chocolate offering

There is a whole lot more to selling chocolate bars than simply getting the flavor and packaging right. After you have studied the market and identified your niche, perfected your recipe and branding, then comes the “fun” part. Getting the permits in place to be able to sell your bars to the end consumer. We started this process more than
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Financial Forecasting in Agriculture

We made a promise to you earlier this year to provide updates and regular content from other members of our Executive Team. We have sent you several reports from Valentina Pedrotti, our Biologist and Value Chain Analyst, and you recently heard from Armando Choco, our Executive Chocolate Maker. Now we are proud to share with you the first in a
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? [Available on amazon] Our Belizean chocolate bars

Hot on the heels of announcing our new chocolate bar brand due to be produced in Panama later this year, we have some exciting news about our current range of Belizean chocolate bars! As you may know, in 2019 we launched a range of chocolate bars in Belize, starting with the Belizean and Brukdown, which have become very popular with locals and tourists
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? New Chocolate Making Equipment on its way

Thursday May 21st, 2020 marks the day that we ordered our brand-new line of chocolate bar making equipment to start up our new factory in Panama. As part of our current cacao/chocolate Offering, Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC, we will continue growing cacao in Belize and fermenting and drying the beans there. However, for this Offering we are adding another market in
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Ta-dah! Our brand-new chocolate bar brand

We are extremely proud and excited to introduce to you, our brand-new range of authentic, fine flavor chocolate bars, created exclusively for the benefit of our Class A Unitholders in our latest Offering, Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC. This exciting and delicious range of high-quality, specialty chocolate bars will be sold exclusively here in Panama, before being offered online and for international
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Why invest in Agriculture – Part 2!

We appreciate your recent interest in learning about our agricultural investment opportunities. In our last communication we covered the questions, Why Invest in Agriculture? and What is Agriculture? Now more than ever, investors are flocking towards agriculture as a steady, alternative asset. The stock market has seen huge volatility, with thousand-point daily swings, mostly driven by “program trading,” or machine-driven stock selling and
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