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5 Years and counting – End of the Decade Promotion!

December 31st marks the END OF THE DECADE (EOD) and we are marking the occasion with something we have never done before!  Being in business for 5 years now, with that monumental event coinciding with the end of the decade, definitely calls for a celebration. So, to do that up right, we are slashing the price on a limited number of parcels in
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Increasing recognition for ICFC and our coffee

In today’s world with so much choice and so many options available to the consumer with the internet putting goods from around the globe at your fingertips, it’s not enough to have a quality product. Your brand needs to be recognized. If you have the best coffee in the world but no one knows who you are, you won’t receive
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Coffee parcels available in our highest altitude farm

Last week our VP of Agriculture, Mr. Andres Lopez, took me to the top of the Jaramillo cluster of 5 farms. When I was there last year it was a tough, 2 hour long hike (and sometimes a crawl!) but this year I was extremely pleased when we were able to walk to the highest point in around 30 minutes
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Black gold of the Americas

​In 1492 when Columbus discovered the Americas, he was searching for Alternative routes to the East to open valuable trade routes. The then existing trade routes to India provided access to exotic riches like spices, silks and tea. When the Spanish colonized and took control of what is now modern-day Latin America, their biggest prize was the vast resources of Gold. Fast
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Get rich slowly!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The 2nd best time is now!” A very appropriate quote, seeing as right now we are in planting season in both Panama and Belize. With 77,000 coffee saplings and 50,000 cacao saplings being planted this year alone. Some of the 50,000 cacao saplings are being supplied Free to the native
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Our award-winning Coffee and Cacao!

Just as every mother thinks their child is the cutest and brightest, all coffee and chocolate producers think their product is the “best in class”. We are all a bit biased, and that’s OK. That’s also why independent 3rd party ratification in these 2 very competitive industries means so much. In the last few months we have been very grateful to
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Caffeinate your cashflow!

With the recent exciting news about our new Cannabis Financing and our private Island Syndication in Belize with their “sexy” ROI’s, it may be easy for some of you to lose sight of our core business model and what got us to where we are today. Owning and operating 12 Specialty Coffee Farms in Boquete, Panama! Just for starters. We covered Why Agriculture in our recent live Webinar and you
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Specialty Coffee Farm Due Diligence Tours Panama: 4 Spots Available!

We are very excited about our upcoming group coffee farm tour in Boquete, Panama!  Scheduled for Friday November 15th through Sunday 17th. If you’ve been following our progress over the years and are interested in owning your own coffee farm parcel then this is THE event for you. By coming to Boquete, Panama and actually walking the farms and touring the processing
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What Is a Cacao Cut Test & When Is it Useful?

You may have seen striking images of bisected cacao beans. These vivid purple slices aren’t just for show – they’re part of an evaluation method called a cut test. But is this test actually meaningful? Cut tests are one of multiple analyses done at origin to evaluate fermentation and give some indication of flavor. But they have some shortcomings, particularly
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Pathways, planting and progress!

When you invest in a turnkey managed, passive income generating farm, you do so because you don’t really want to get your hands dirty. You let your money work for you. Not the other way around. Smart! But, someone has to get their hands dirty to turn around these old farms and plant the new farms from scratch. Luckily for
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