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Staying calm and Steady during volatile times

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In times of uncertainty such as these, we are encouraging our Team, Affiliates, and Clients to stay calm.

These stock market corrections and worldwide economic uncertainty are not new. They come in cycles. It’s how well prepared for them we are that ultimately defines the outcome.

We have always structured our Offerings to eliminate exposure to the stock market for our clients and their portfolios.

Our Owners made a decision to invest with us by buying farmland and diversifying into high demand foods, such as specialty coffee and chocolate!

Is there anyone reading this that did not stock up on essential items, like toilet paper! And of course coffee and chocolate, over the past few weeks?

Our Owner’s investment with us is completely uncorrelated to the stock market and not subject to 2,000-point swings or suddenly decreasing in value overnight.

Farmland and food are safe, slow and steady. No massive highs or crushing lows.

When you take into account the global effects of the Coronavirus, investing in Food makes even more sense going forward.

So, while the mob mentality on social media and the cable news networks feed the hysteria, we are staying calm and continuing with our practical ways to preserve our wealth and that of our clients, by generating truly passive income that can survive tough economic times such as these.

Last week we offered our existing Owners a “sneak peek” at a new opportunity, where you can further lower your portfolio risk and earn passive income for you and your heirs from the world’s favorite food…Chocolate. And they loved it!

We have been working on this new Private Placement Offering for Accredited Investors for a year now and it’s built on the foundations we have carefully put in place over the last 6 years of operations and experience.

We have been farming, processing, producing and selling finished products successfully. It’s what our team does best and what we do week-in, week-out all year long.

Invest in Chocolate! a $100 Billion Industry

With 80+ employees on the payroll, almost no farm employee turnover in 6 years and 7 cash distributions in total from operations in Panama and Belize in the last 4 years, we have consistently delivered on our promises and grown at a sustainable rate.

Now, we are pleased to make this opportunity available to you. Providing a solution to the current volatility, where you can make money while you sleep, and while you are forced to stay home from your J-O-B.

Average Annual Return (IRR) of about 14% (proforma)

An Equity Multiple of 6X

100% Return ON Capital from Annual Distributions
100% Return OF Investment Capital, Tax Free

After Return of Capital You Retain Continued Equity Participation

If you are an Accredited Investor, in a position to invest and actively looking to reallocate investment funds, and want to know how we can do this, schedule a call with me here.

Our Owners have had a head start and a large number of Units are already spoken for.

If you want to ensure your participation, now is the time to make your reservation.

Stay safe in your health and your investments

Darren Doyle
Darren Doyle
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