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Where does chocolate come from?

The global chocolate market is expected to grow to roughly $161 Billion, by 2024. Yet, most people have no idea where chocolate comes from! Did you know it grows on trees? Our Team has created some pretty cool videos to explain the entire "seed to bean to bar" process. Now that you understand the process after watching the video, how
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Understanding Peini Cacao - Processing and Factory Facilities

The processing of the cacao beans takes place in Belize. Each tree is individually managed and the beans from each tree are harvested, then fermented and dried, utilizing a 3-tier system with passive solar drying.  They are then hand sorted and classified by the team of professionals in Belize, who will then proceed to store and make the cacao ready for
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Understanding Peini Cacao - Where are the CACAO farms located?

Dear Investor, The cacao farms for this offering are located in Toledo, Belize, in the southern part of the country.  Belize is a Caribbean country located on the northeastern coast of Central America, with a population of an estimated 420,000 people. It is the only Central American country where English is the official language and its economy is based primarily on agriculture. Cacao farming has been
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Understanding Peini Cacao - How is it structured?

Dear Investor, Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC is a Private Placement offering in specialty agriculture, specializing in cacao, where qualified investors acquire a stake in a chocolate producing enterprise and retain ownership throughout their lifetime. It is an offering of three million dollars (now 70% funded) with a projected average annual return of 15%. The minimum investment is $30,000. The operation
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2020 What did You Learn?

As all of our readers are well aware there was a major, unforeseen crisis this year, the likes of which we have never experienced before. A pandemic decimated the global economy and changed the way we live, travel and work, maybe forever! It’s safe to say the proverbial s**t hit the fan in 2020, and during times like these people
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Financial Security

What if you could find an investment that not only increased in value over time, but also outpaced inflation? What if that same investment didn’t have massive price fluctuations, but helped provide a basic human need? This is exactly what agricultural investments provide. By 2025, the world population is projected to be 8.2 billion people. With an increase of 400
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Goals are Aligned When You Invest With The Operators

When you invest with AgroNosotros, you invest side by side with Sponsors who are also the Operators. In Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC there are 2 in-house operating companies. Peini Cacao Plantation ltd, who manages the farming operations and Mahogany Chocolate, that handles the chocolate bar production and sales. Both companies have experienced teams in place and facilities that are already operational. The
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Socially Sustainable - Helping Make The World A Better Place

Cacao was first developed as a crop in many ancient South American cultures, with the Aztecs and Maya communities being the most well-known of these indigenous populations. And today still, many of these indigenous communities live off the land by producing cacao. But without technology and sustainable farming practices, these communities are not able to thrive in order to enhance
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A Healthy & Sustainable Product - For Consumers & Investors

Consumers are looking for foods with fewer and cleaner ingredients, and natural products that are made by companies with values they care about that can provide environmental and social sustainability. They also want to feel good about the foods they are consuming, demanding transparency about where their food comes from and what it contains. With specialty foods like cacao, investors
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Legacy Investment – Investing for Future Generations

At present, the cacao industry is a $100 billion industry and expected to grow to $160 billion by 2024.  These numbers iterate the fact that cacao consumption is on the rise and more people are consuming cacao as a specialty product. Millennials are particularly inclined to seek out specialty food options, seeking alternatives that are more natural and socially sustainable.  Investing in specialty
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