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Get rich slowly!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The 2nd best time is now!” A very appropriate quote, seeing as right now we are in planting season in both Panama and Belize. With 77,000 coffee saplings and 50,000 cacao saplings being planted this year alone. Some of the 50,000 cacao saplings are being supplied Free to the native
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What Is a Cacao Cut Test & When Is it Useful?

You may have seen striking images of bisected cacao beans. These vivid purple slices aren’t just for show – they’re part of an evaluation method called a cut test. But is this test actually meaningful? Cut tests are one of multiple analyses done at origin to evaluate fermentation and give some indication of flavor. But they have some shortcomings, particularly
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Webinar recording now available why agriculture?

Thank you very much to all 197 people who signed up to attend our inaugural webinar on Thursday. The response post-webinar has been outstanding and we will be providing more live events such as this to cover various opportunities as we continue to grow. We appreciate that not everyone is able to take time off during their busy workday to
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The Biggest Investment Opportunity You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Is farmland the last great untapped asset class? Farmland currently represents an almost $9 trillion market globally with historically high returns and low volatility. A growing population driving demand for high-quality food coupled with a finite and decreasing supply of landmeans that farmland will only become more essential over time. Savvy institutional investors are beginning to take notice, but for most
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3rd Common Misconception

Following along from the 3 Common Misconceptions and the 2nd Common Misconception newsletter is the 3rd in the series…you guessed it! The 3rd Common Misconception. #3 What if the Company loses interest down the road and gives up managing our parcels? Great question, and easily explained once you understand how our company and business model is structured. #1 we maintain ownership of land in every single farm and #2 we participate in
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Gold Versus Farmland: Which Alternative Is Right For You?

Farmland and gold are two of the world’s oldest and most valuable asset classes, and they share many similar benefits that investors still find attractive today. Unfortunately, as those of us in the industry know, investing in farmland has been largely overlooked in recent decades. However, both assets can provide investors with much-needed diversification, though each offers specific advantages. If
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The 2nd misconception addressed..

Following on from the 1st of the series, 3 Misconceptions sent last week, from which we received quite a lot of positive feedback, here in part 2 we address the 2nd most common misconception or misunderstanding we hear about our business model. #2 The proforma is for 20 years…what happens after this 20-year period?       Do we still receive cashflow or do
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3 Common Misconceptions

It’s interesting when you get to talk to somebody on the phone who, even after following our progress for years, listening to various podcasts and reading our newsletters since day 1, still have some fundamental misconceptions about our business model. We get it, our Newsletters can be long and if you are like me you get a LOT of emails so
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3 “Why’s” Of Owning Agricultural Real Estate

Why Own Land? For centuries the world’s wealthiest families have owned land. Being a Land-Owner set you apart in society. Going back to early civilization, when man learned how to produce food on his land and could produce more than he could consume, he then had excess which he could store and sell. He now had savings and the ability
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Infinite Returns From Agriculture

Infinite Returns. If you listen to as many real estate and investment podcasts as we do, and if Robert Kiyosaki is one of them, then you will have heard a lot about infinite returns lately. What does it mean? It’s when you can invest in something and over a period of time get all of your initial investment capital back
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