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Understanding Peini Cacao - Processing and Factory Facilities

The processing of the cacao beans takes place in Belize. Each tree is individually managed and the beans from each tree are harvested, then fermented and dried, utilizing a 3-tier system with passive solar drying.  They are then hand sorted and classified by the team of professionals in Belize, who will then proceed to store and make the cacao ready for export.

Once the cacao is ready for export, it will be sent to the new factory in Boquete, in the highlands of Panamá, which is part of the Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC Offering. Once in Panamá, the manufacturing process takes place with brand new machinery acquired from Italy, for large scale chocolate production.  As new and larger equipment is gradually added to the new factory, it will improve efficiencies, while lowering production costs.

The factory is based in Panamá because the country offers many advantages.  It is a dollar based economy, which makes it easier for transactions to take place. It also has a solid banking system with many banking services available.  And in terms of logistics, because of the Panama Canal and the country's strategic location, it is very price competitive and offers ease of transportation of products both by air and sea, to anywhere in the world.

The executive team also lives in Panamá; therefore, they are very familiar with the Panamanian market and the requirements necessary for business related matters.  And the Panamanian local market is ten times that of Belize, so projected local sales are expected to exceed the current sales in Belize.

If you want to plug right in to an already operating, turnkey managed, "seed to bean to bar" chocolate enterprise, contact me now to find out how.

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