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2020 What did You Learn?

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As all of our readers are well aware there was a major, unforeseen crisis this year, the likes of which we have never experienced before.

A pandemic decimated the global economy and changed the way we live, travel and work, maybe forever!

It’s safe to say the proverbial s**t hit the fan in 2020, and during times like these people really find out what’s important to them, and that it is not just toilet paper!

People just now seem to be realizing how important food, water, medicine, and the supply chains that support them really are, which is why we are proud to be a very small piece of the food production chain that people depend on.

On top of being a grower and producer of food, we have peace of mind in knowing that the food we produce, specialty coffee and chocolate, has a very long shelf life.

This became particularly apparent in 2020 as shocks to supply chains disrupted shipping and global commerce. The durability of our products proved to be a saving grace as our company had a 9-ton shipment of specialty coffee scheduled to be sent to Japan that was put on hold.

It had to be postponed for months because of the knock-on effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. Thanks to the long shelf life of our specialty coffee this wasn’t a major problem.

If this were, say, a shipment of mangos or pineapples, or any other perishable item, we would have a real dilemma on our hands and the possibility of our crop being destroyed before we could sell it would be very high.

Our First Container of Coffee Heading to Japan!

These are trying times, and it’s as difficult as ever to decide what to do with your hard-earned cash, but now that you’re working from home you should have time to sit and think about this more deeply.

Here at AgroNosotros, we have literally bet the farm on agricultural real estate. Being a producer of popular foods the way we see it, demand for our products will never go down, and is in fact, increasing. Which is why we believe that everyone should consider investing a percentage of their portfolio in agriculture.

Things like utilities, food producers, and waste management companies don’t often grab the headlines like the latest and greatest unicorns out of Silicon Valley, but when s**t hits the fan, people very quickly realize what’s important to them. You can see it for yourself happening all around you.

The other benefit of long term, private placements like our current cacao/chocolate offering, is actually its illiquidity. That’s right, illiquidity is a benefit of our private placement offerings.

Why? Because even if you wanted to panic sell, as you may have considered with the stocks, bonds and mutual funds in your 401k over the last 6 months, you wouldn’t have had the ability to do so. This prevents you from making rash emotional decisions with your money. This is usually a good thing and helps you to stay true to your longer-term investment planning.

Wrapping things up, we at AgroNosotros hope that you are all taking the necessary precautions to keep yourselves and your families healthy, enjoying the quality time that you have had with them, and using some of that time to consider your investment options.

While you do that, we’ll be here doing what we do best, producing world class specialty coffee and chocolate and providing the opportunity for qualified investors to participate alongside us.

To your health and wealth!
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