Legacy Investment – Investing for Future Generations

Sep 26, 2020Blog

At present, the cacao industry is a $100 billion industry and expected to grow to $160 billion by 2024.  These numbers iterate the fact that cacao consumption is on the rise and more people are consuming cacao as a specialty product. Millennials are particularly inclined to seek out specialty food options, seeking alternatives that are more natural and socially sustainable. 

Investing in specialty cacao is not only trendy, but it is also a long term investment that is designed to help you build a tasty nest egg for you and your loved ones. 

Because long term investments have a high probability of achieving returns greater than 15%, investing in cacao will help mitigate risk to your portfolio while producing a high yield product. 

Putting money into specialty agriculture products is not only a financially sound decision that will provide passive cash flow now, but it also makes for a legacy investment that can be passed down to your future generations.  Nothing could be sweeter than that!

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