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Goals are Aligned When You Invest With The Operators

When you invest with AgroNosotros, you invest side by side with Sponsors who are also the Operators.

In Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC there are 2 in-house operating companies. Peini Cacao Plantation ltd, who manages the farming operations and Mahogany Chocolate, that handles the chocolate bar production and sales.

Both companies have experienced teams in place and facilities that are already operational.

The Mayan farming Team in Belize is managed and supported by our team of experts, agronomists and a biologist in Panama. The Chocolate making Team is supported by a Swiss Chocolate Maker with 40 years of experience.

Local and international sales channels for our finished products are established and being expanded with the help of our new Japanese partners! (more on that later…)

And, we structure each of our opportunities so that we participate on the bottom line with our investors. With performance related compensation, our goals are truly aligned.

For more information on our current cacao/chocolate investment opportunity visit our Peini Cacao page.

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