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Safety of Capital – Where to Place Your Money

There are multiple options available to investors through traditional brokerage firms and digital platforms, for which one does not need to be financially sophisticated.  What is needed in order to choose the right alternative is to be aware of the elements of risk involved with each investment and which will offer better security and consistent ROI.  Investing in commodities like
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Financial Security – Going Back to Basics

Nothing provides a more comforting feeling than being able to fulfill a basic human need like food. A commodity that is tangible and satisfies a basic human necessity will always maintain value and in times of global economic crisis, provide a SAFE HAVEN for investors.  Specialty agriculture products like cacao and coffee are not subject to high volatile market swings
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Sweeten-Up Your Retirement Plan!

For our first 4 or 5 years of operations, we had about 30% of our clients using some form of retirement funds to acquire parcels in our coffee farms in Panama and cacao farms in Belize. It was a perfect fit! Then, for the past couple of years, as the Government’s deeding requirements changed, most US-based Custodians were no longer
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Financial Forecasting in Agriculture

We made a promise to you earlier this year to provide updates and regular content from other members of our Executive Team. We have sent you several reports from Valentina Pedrotti, our Biologist and Value Chain Analyst, and you recently heard from Armando Choco, our Executive Chocolate Maker. Now we are proud to share with you the first in a
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It’s the team that makes the difference

People often ask us, “what’s the difference between AgroNosotros and other companies offering agricultural investments?” For me, the main difference is that we are Owners and Operators of the farms, facilities and businesses that our clients invest in. Like in our latest Offering, Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC. We are not simply a marketing team and you are dealing directly with the
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Why invest in Agriculture – Part 2!

We appreciate your recent interest in learning about our agricultural investment opportunities. In our last communication we covered the questions, Why Invest in Agriculture? and What is Agriculture? Now more than ever, investors are flocking towards agriculture as a steady, alternative asset. The stock market has seen huge volatility, with thousand-point daily swings, mostly driven by “program trading,” or machine-driven stock selling and
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Why Invest in Agriculture?

It´s an important question…especially when you own and operate 17 specialty coffee and cacao farms, as we do. Before we get into the Why… ask yourself… What is Agriculture? “Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating the soil, growing crops and raising livestock.  Agriculture provides most of the world’s food and fabrics. Cotton, wool, and leather are all agricultural products. Agriculture also
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Staying calm and Steady during volatile times

In times of uncertainty such as these, we are encouraging our Team, Affiliates, and Clients to stay calm. These stock market corrections and worldwide economic uncertainty are not new. They come in cycles. It’s how well prepared for them we are that ultimately defines the outcome. We have always structured our Offerings to eliminate exposure to the stock market for our clients
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Black gold of the Americas

​In 1492 when Columbus discovered the Americas, he was searching for Alternative routes to the East to open valuable trade routes. The then existing trade routes to India provided access to exotic riches like spices, silks and tea. When the Spanish colonized and took control of what is now modern-day Latin America, their biggest prize was the vast resources of Gold. Fast
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Get rich slowly!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The 2nd best time is now!” A very appropriate quote, seeing as right now we are in planting season in both Panama and Belize. With 77,000 coffee saplings and 50,000 cacao saplings being planted this year alone. Some of the 50,000 cacao saplings are being supplied Free to the native
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