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3 Common Misconceptions

It’s interesting when you get to talk to somebody on the phone who, even after following our progress for years, listening to various podcasts and reading our newsletters since day 1, still have some fundamental misconceptions about our business model. We get it, our Newsletters can be long and if you are like me you get a LOT of emails so
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Coffee harvest #4 ✔ Quality on the rise?

The coffee harvest season in Panama is once a year. Beginning in October, in the lower lying of the farms we own, and running through to March/April for those located in the highest coffee growing regions. For us, harvest season begins in fincas Cuatro Caminos, Dona Linda and Loma de Los Cedros. All situated between 1,350 and 1,550 meters. (just
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3 “Why’s” Of Owning Agricultural Real Estate

Why Own Land? For centuries the world’s wealthiest families have owned land. Being a Land-Owner set you apart in society. Going back to early civilization, when man learned how to produce food on his land and could produce more than he could consume, he then had excess which he could store and sell. He now had savings and the ability
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Infinite Returns From Agriculture

Infinite Returns. If you listen to as many real estate and investment podcasts as we do, and if Robert Kiyosaki is one of them, then you will have heard a lot about infinite returns lately. What does it mean? It’s when you can invest in something and over a period of time get all of your initial investment capital back
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

After a group coffee or cacao farm tour we often ask our attendees if they would be so kind as to give us a written testimonial that we can share with future attendees and anyone considering becoming a parcel Owner. On Monday we received such a thoughtful and detailed testimonial from clients who just attended our latest cacao farm tour in
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After 5 Years: Improving Coffee Quality, Farming & Processing

June will mark the 5th year since we founded International Coffee Farms (ICFC) in Panama. It’s cliché to say that the time has flown by, but it really has.  When we look at what we started with, which was an idea, no staff and no farms.  To where we are now with 12 coffee farms, 49 staff, a fully operational
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Way More Than Just An Investment Cruise

On March 14th we left Panama and flew to Florida where we were meeting up with 201 eager, inquisitive real estate investors to attend the 17th annual Real Estate Guys Investor Summit at Sea. This was David Sewell’s 5th year (as faculty) and my 4th year attending this event. After one day on land we boarded the Celebrity Silhouette and
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Mahogany chocolate bar sales are taking off in Belize

It’s now five months after we launched our two new chocolate bars in Belize….the Belizean and Brukdown. Initially available only in our own Mahogany Chocolate store, located in Ambergris Caye, we soon started getting requests from local stores to supply them wholesale…so we did. We opened a new cacao processing and chocolate making factory in Punta Gorda, Toledo in Southern
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Releasing 40 Parcels Of In-Demand Farmland

Another busy coffee harvest season is in full swing in Panama while the cacao bean buying team are approaching the peak of the harvest season in Belize. So, it’s all hands to the pump for now and we are up to our ears in coffee and chocolate. The coffee harvest season will go on until late March, early April and
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Live from Japan, Land of the Rising Sun

AgroNosotros has a simple yet clear byline. Grow it Globally! And we don’t just mean our specialty coffee and fine flavor cacao that we grow in Panama and Belize. Or even the growing list of coffee and cacao farm parcel Owners who are spread around the 4 corners of the globe. At this stage in our development and growth as
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