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Panama Coffee Breaks Records..Again!

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Well it certainly is reassuring to know that we are in the coffee business in the right country!

Panamanian Geisha coffee has once again smashed its own record, selling at auction for an eye watering $1,029 lb.

Think about that…that’s more valuable than the vast majority of commodities traded today!

And, take into account that the NYSE commercial commodity price at the time was trading at $1.07 lb. (recently up from 93 cents)

Every year the best coffee in Panama is sold at online auction in an event aptly named the Best of Panama!

Year after year the top coffee growers submit micro-lots of their highest scoring coffees to compete for the coveted prize of being voted the Best of Panama.

These families that are competing are 3rd and 4th generation coffee growers…which gives us great confidence in the longevity of our business plan.

There are various categories for different varietals, processed in different ways, but the one that creates the headlines is Geisha.

Becoming more and more famous around the globe, the supply of this much sought-after coffee simply cannot keep up with the demand, which leads to the sky-high prices.

So, the trend seems set to continue. For us to participate in this trend, we have recently planted 45,000 Geisha seedlings strategically throughout our high-altitude farms.

Compared to these “old pros” of the coffee world, we are proud to say that some of our coffees are starting to be recognized, nationally and internationally, which is an amazing achievement in and of itself, given that we as a company are only 5 years old and just finished our 4th harvest.

Earlier this month a barista and coffee shop owner in Thailand, Mr Warong from Nanna Coffee Roasters, decided to feature Geisha coffee from one of our farms, Finca Loma de Los Cedros, when he competed in the national Siphon Championship in Thailand. We were honoured! (P.S a Syphon is very fancy 3rd wave coffee machine.)

So, to help promote the event, our coffee and the hard work of our farming and processing team, we created a short video to explain more about…Geisha Panama.


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