Current Belize cacao parcel offering is closing

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2 years after we launched our first cacao parcel Ownership opportunity in Belize, this offering is now closing.

All but 7 of the original 196 parcels are now in the hands of satisfied real estate investors who have diversified their portfolios by adding cash flowing cacao farmland in Belize.

It has been an interesting journey with lots of ups and some downs and a few curve balls from the Belize Central Bank and local Land Titles department.

They kept us on our toes, but we are very proud of the fact that we have adapted to each and every situation, learned and continued to push on.

The original 107 acres of farmland is fully planted, the cacao trees are now almost 20 months old and starting to show early signs of production.

The fermentation & drying facility is built and humming along nicely!

And the factory is churning out professional wholesale cacao products and our Belizean and Brukdown bars for the local market (72 stores and counting) and the thousands of tourists passing through Belize International Airport.

As you can see, a lot has happened in 2 short years.

But, like all good things when the last 7 parcels are sold over the coming week or two, this current offering will be closed.

If you have been watching and waiting and want to take advantage of all the hard work already put into the land and operations, you can snap up some of the remaining parcels now.

Still retailing at the original 2017 price of $25,725.

Contact us here to find out more about how to reserve these last 7 parcels in the current offering.

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