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Our award-winning Coffee and Cacao!

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Just as every mother thinks their child is the cutest and brightest, all coffee and chocolate producers think their product is the “best in class”.

We are all a bit biased, and that’s OK.

That’s also why independent 3rd party ratification in these 2 very competitive industries means so much.

In the last few months we have been very grateful to have our specialty coffee and fine flavor cacao featured in 2 international events…and our products came away with medals in both!

In Thailand, Mr. Warong, a Barista from Nanna Coffee Roasters, chose a micro-lot of our ICFC Geisha to use as his entry for the National Syphon Championships 2019.

He gave a detailed explanation about our farms, our social programs and of course the flavor profile of our Geisha to a large international audience…and prepared our coffee for the judges to evaluate.

We were very proud to hear that he claimed Second Place and will move on to the International stage of the competition.

In Japan, Mr. Shunsuke Saegusa, Chocolate Maker and Owner of Palet D’Or chocolate company, who earlier this year flew all the way to Belize to visit our farms and meet our team, entered a 72% dark chocolate made from our finest quality organic Peini Cacao beans, in the 2019 Asia-Pacific International Chocolate Awards.

Palet D’or also walked away with the Silver medal!

Mr. Saegusa now moves on to the World Finals to be held in Guatemala later this year.

As coffee and cacao producers that have worked so hard to build our companies up from scratch over the last 5 years, to have our products chosen by experts in their fields and to then be recognized for their high quality and flavor, is extremely satisfying.

We continue developing relationships such as these and getting our products to market.

So, I think it’s fair to say that we continue to prove that our business model works!

The farms are planted, the infrastructure is in place and paid for and the Quality of our products continues to be validated by our customers.

With 400+ coffee and cacao parcel owners starting to see a steady increase in what is now our 4th consecutive annual coffee distribution and 2nd annual cacao distribution, there is still time for you to participate.

We have Coffee farm parcels available in our 12th and most recently acquired high-altitude farm in Panama and we recently released 20 additional Cacao farm parcels from our farms in Belize.

So, if you are looking to diversify your portfolio and are looking for a Proven Opportunity with in-demand Products…then look no further.

Schedule a call today to reserve your parcels!

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