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Ensuring Agricultural Success Amidst Global Challenges: The Role of Competent Management

As we all are very well aware, the world seems to be being tossed upside down. The macroeconomic effects of wars, terrorism attacks, supply line disruptions and other upheavals are stressful enough. Now add to that the ongoing battle with Mother Nature and the weather. And now we seem to be developing the “perfect storm” with floods, droughts, massive forest
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? What Real “Boots on the Ground” looks like! ?

How often have you heard the phrase “boots on the ground” used in the investment or real estate industry? Originally it was a Military saying. "Boots on the ground" is shorthand for troops deployed in a foreign country. ... Infantry has been stomping in boots through the mud…. It has become a critical phrase recently for any passive investor who is
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What Truly Passive And Turnkey Looks Like!

Last week, when I was in Boquete for a few days I met with our Operations team and visited some of ICFC’s farms with Andres Lopez, our General Manager. In-between harvest seasons is when we get our construction projects, building renovations and other expansion work done. Once harvest season hits it´s all hands to the pump with coffee! So, this
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