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US Distribution For Your Favorite Coffee Is Back

Good morning coffee and cacao parcel owners, unit holders, investors, clients, friends and family. We are delighted to announce that you can once again order your favorite roasted coffee from Cuatro Caminos to be delivered to your door in the US. Until now if you ordered a 340 gram bag (12 ounces) of coffee on our site the distribution was
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? A new way to enjoy our Belizean chocolate

At Mahogany Chocolate in Belize, we are extremely proud to release our brand-new, reinvigorated, user-friendly, and sleek chocolate bar packaging for our “Belizean” brand of chocolate bars and to launch our newest product  “Chocol’ha”, a decadent hot chocolate powdered drink. Finally, after many months of design work and production tweaks the new packaging and products were officially unveiled at our chocolate factory in
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? [Available on amazon] Our Belizean chocolate bars

Hot on the heels of announcing our new chocolate bar brand due to be produced in Panama later this year, we have some exciting news about our current range of Belizean chocolate bars! As you may know, in 2019 we launched a range of chocolate bars in Belize, starting with the Belizean and Brukdown, which have become very popular with locals and tourists
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Ta-dah! Our brand-new chocolate bar brand

We are extremely proud and excited to introduce to you, our brand-new range of authentic, fine flavor chocolate bars, created exclusively for the benefit of our Class A Unitholders in our latest Offering, Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC. This exciting and delicious range of high-quality, specialty chocolate bars will be sold exclusively here in Panama, before being offered online and for international
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Chocolate For The People By The People Of Belize

Chocolate and Belize Fourteen years ago, the only chocolates quirkily displayed in Belize City, towns and village stores were Snickers, Mars and seldom a single option of a Cadbury’s chocolate bar. The latter only in select stores and afforded by a limited few. The international airport gift shops carry more options yet there were no locally produced craft chocolates. The
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