May 27, 2020 | Chocolate, Newsletter, Other Cacao News

Hot on the heels of announcing our new chocolate bar brand due to be produced in Panama later this year, we have some exciting news about our current range of Belizean chocolate bars!

As you may know, in 2019 we launched a range of chocolate bars in Belize, starting with the Belizean and Brukdown, which have become very popular with locals and tourists alike and are now being distributed nationwide by the largest food distributor in Belize.

The next stage in our development plan, to achieve exponential growth in product sales, is to expand our distribution beyond the borders of Belize and into the US.

This requires local US-based storage, sales and payment systems and a distribution network.

All of which are provided by Amazon!

So, we have teamed up with one of our parcel Owners who is very experienced in selling on Amazon and we are very proud to announce that as of last week… our Belizean chocolate bars are available now on Amazon!

Click here for the Belizean and here for the Brukdown, or search Belizean Chocolate bars on Amazon and you will find us on the first page.

Please let us know what you think about the bars, and a 5-Star review on Amazon is always appreciated!

Once we quickly fine-tune the process with the Belizean chocolate bars, we will start adding the other products in the Mahogany Chocolate range.

Soon to be followed by our Panamanian coffee!!

Then, the new range of chocolate bars that we will roll out in Panama later this year can follow suit, with the logistics and channel to market already established.

Rinse and repeat!

These are incredibly exciting and rewarding times for our Team, as we can finally share our delicious Mahogany Chocolate bars with the rest of the world, starting with the US!

Watch out world, here we come! 

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