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Our Companies and The New-Normal

Apr 4, 2020 | Newsletter

Greetings to all our AgroNosotros Clients, Friends, Family and everyone else who follows our newsletters.

First off, we hope that this email finds you and your family safe and well during these unprecedented times.

The economic uncertainty coupled with a global pandemic has brought most of the world as we know it to a halt.

Thankfully our families, team, workers and affiliates in Panama and Belize are all well and we have taken measures to ensure as best we can that it remains that way.

More than 2 weeks ago, in an abundance of caution, we had all of our office staff begin working from home. Thankfully in today’s digital world, we have been able to continue running the companies uninterrupted. 

In fact, our productivity has actually increased as people are not wasting precious hours in traffic and we have improved communication via multiple Zoom meetings daily.

On the farms, we have educated our coffee and cacao farm workers and supplied soaps, gels and cleaning supplies so that they can stay safe, and we restricted the movement among farms.

As harvest season has ended and our workers actually live on the farms, they can continue with some daily activities like cleaning and pruning while still protecting themselves.

Panama was extremely proactive in closing its borders, restricting international flights and closing schools weeks ago. The early actions and implementation of social distancing is paying off and we seem to be keeping a handle on the virus so far.

So, while the #1 focus has been on everyone’s health, we also have to manage the business and our client’s investments.

We very intentionally only produce non-perishable products and now we are seeing the benefits more than ever. With a container of coffee scheduled for Japan now on hold, we simply delayed the final peeling and the coffee can stay stored for months, without affecting the quality.

Imagine if it was a container of perishable fruits! It would be lost.

During this “new normal” of social distancing and working from home we are determined to make this an Opportunity to better ourselves and our companies

We will complete a full overhaul and update of all our websites, launch our
e-commerce platform and improve our online presence.

We have started English classes for our Non-English speaking staff, launched a digital book club and have our own in-house cross fit trainer available to offer home exercise classes!

And, our commitment to you.

We have assigned team members to create regular informative content to keep you better updated on what goes on day-in and day-out, week-in and week-out on our farms, at the factory, in our lab, in our marketing and sales and in developing our specialty coffee and chocolate brands.

We will use this time of social distancing to bring us closer together.

So, to all of you who wrote in asking how we were, thank you.

To all of you reading this, stay safe, practice social distancing and stay calm.

We will come out of this stronger. This too shall pass.

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