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🍫 New Chocolate Making Equipment on its way

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Thursday May 21st, 2020 marks the day that we ordered our brand-new line of chocolate bar making equipment to start up our new factory in Panama.

As part of our current cacao/chocolate Offering, Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC, we will continue growing cacao in Belize and fermenting and drying the beans there.

However, for this Offering we are adding another market in which to sell the finished chocolate bars, and that market will be the place we have called home for 15+ years.

That place is Panama!

We know the market, the laws and regulations, the distributors and the local customs.

Panama has the Canal for logistics, 90+ international banks, uses the US Dollar and is considered The Hub of the Americas”.

For the new chocolate bar range, our Belizean and Swiss Chocolate Makers, Armando and Werner respectively, have perfected the recipes for the first 4 bars.

Last week we were very proud to publicly present the artwork and designs for this new Mahogany Chocolate bar brand that we will be rolling out in Panama, which you can see below.

The next step was to identify the best-in-class line of chocolate making equipment, with a company who can deliver under the current global circumstances.

This complete line of chocolate bar making equipment has been carefully specified and ordered from Selmi SRL, an Italian manufacturer we have used before and we trust to ship on time.

This equipment will handle the projected chocolate bar production for the first year of 30,000 bars per month, which is the first phase of our development and bar sales in Panama.

With the addition of some new grinders and extra man-hours we can double that capacity in year 2. Scaling year on year, or as needed.

The equipment has cool, technical names like the Macron 25 ball refiner, Vibrovaglio Vibro sieve, 60 kg Conche, and Futura “EX” continuous tempering machine, and we could explain the role of each one in detail…. but it’s easier to just show you what they look like!

How far along are we with this project?

The cacao farms have been planted, the fermentation and drying infrastructure at origin in Belize is in-place and operational and we have the bar recipes finalized and branding completed.

Now we have the equipment ordered, the new factory location is being identified and conversations are under way with some of the biggest and best distributors in Panama.

Considering a lot of this progress was made during a 10-week total lockdown of the Panamanian economy, I think our Team is doing quite well!

The factory will be up and running by Q4 this year with bars on the shelves soon after.

If you have had your portfolio rocked by the recent stock market volatility, suffered losses in the energy sector, or have tenants unable to pay their rent, here is an opportunity for you to diversify into everyone’s favorite food, Chocolate!

Plug yourself into an already proven model with farming, processing, manufacturing and sales already in place and done for you. And earn an annual legacy income!

Visit our website, download the Executive Summary, request the full set of PPM documentation and schedule a call with me here… and sweeten up your portfolio today.

Note: This 506c Private Placement is for Accredited Investors only and is IRA, 401k and eQRP eligible.

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