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Why invest in Agriculture – Part 2!

We appreciate your recent interest in learning about our agricultural investment opportunities.

In our last communication we covered the questions, Why Invest in Agriculture? and What is Agriculture?

Now more than ever, investors are flocking towards agriculture as a steady, alternative asset.

The stock market has seen huge volatility, with thousand-point daily swings, mostly driven by “program trading,” or machine-driven stock selling and buying.

Agriculture’s value, on the other hand, remains steady, with no massive highs or crashing lows, due mainly to the fact that it is an “illiquid” asset.

Why is illiquidity good?

Because even if you wanted to panic sell, as you may be considering with the stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in your 401k, you wouldn’t have the ability to do so.

This prevents you from making rash emotional decisions with your money.

The world's wealthiest families and pension funds have always devoted a percentage of their portfolio to alternative assets, like agriculture. The slow, steady, illiquid aspect provides the perfect hedge against inflation and adds balance to the rest of their portfolio.

Most importantly, they think long term. They invest for asset protection, future increases in the value of the land, and revenue for future generations.

Here at AgroNosotros, we are firm believers in agricultural farmland that produces high-demand foods, like specialty coffee and chocolate, because the way we see it, demand for our products will never go away.

In fact, as the earth’s population grows and the availability of arable land decreases, we see demand for food rising, so we applaud your decision to consider an investment in agriculture, and specifically in proven, high demand, non-perishable products.

Farmland or food do not often grab the headlines like the latest and greatest unicorns out of Silicon Valley, but when a crisis hits, people very quickly realize what’s important to them. You can see it for yourself happening all around you.

Income-producing agriculture is one of the alternative investments that can bring you peace of mind in an unpredictable market environment.

To review our current Offering, Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC, download the Opportunity Summary and visit our website at AgroNosotros.com

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