Proud to Host our 1st International Coffee Education Event

Apr 14, 2020Blog, Coffee

From the very beginning, International Coffee Farms (ICFC) has established as a priority managing each of our projects under a scientific approach and implementing cutting edge technology available on the market.

This of course requires constant training and educating our team on current topics. We believe that part of the knowledge required to be a leading company comes from our staff’s experience, but also by exchanging knowledge and experiences with other colleagues in the field.

Putting into practice our philosophy,  in 2020 we started to host and promote educational events that allow us to create a strong network with other coffee colleagues throughout the World. We believe that: Sharing knowledge is the best way to keep the industry alive and aligned with the market requirements!

On this occasion, International Coffee Farms, and Cafeología,   a  Mexican company focused on research, education, and development in the specialty coffee sector (http://www.cafeologo.com/), organized its first Origin Trip to Boquete, Panama. Our main goal was to create an educational tour with coffee experts from all over Latin America, in order to exchange knowledge, cutting-edge technology and new coffee market trends.

Our tour started at our coffee shop, The Perfect Pair, where all the group had the opportunity to get to know each other and explain their backgrounds within the coffee industry. We had the great pleasure of having a large group of experts from Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala all from different backgrounds.

We had agronomists, CEOs, baristas, technicians, and producers, among many other background.  As part of the group, we had representatives of El Injerto Guatemala, Cafeología, Produtores de café La Isla, Costa Rica, among many others.

Presentation of the coffee experts at The Perfect Pair.
First Day. Presentation of the coffee experts at The Perfect Pair.

During this educational event, we hosted different activities that allowed us to share our experiences and find different approaches or solutions to problems we, as an industry, face daily. 

Andres Lopez, our General Manager, gave a presentation of our company, emphasizing our mission and vision as a sustainable, high-quality coffee company.

Our General Manager, Andres Lopez sharing with our guests at lunch time.
Our General Manager, Andres Lopez sharing with our guests at lunch time.

Together, we visited our farms and mill, where we also had the opportunity to cup our brand new 2019-2020 coffees. A similar tour to what we do with our investors, but on this occasion, we had coffee experts on the other side.

It is always an enriching experience to discuss and share with colleagues from the same field. The Specialty Coffee industry is going through a new phase and having these exchanges give us a glimpse of what is happening in other producing countries and how are they facing it.

Panama is considered to be a leading example of a coffee producing country. Therefore, we need to keep doing what we are doing: producing high-quality coffee using the best technology and processing methods.

The group of coffee experts paying attention to Andres Lopez explanation.
3. The group of coffee experts paying attention to Andres Lopez explanation.

As part of the program, we also had the opportunity to share with other coffee producers of Boquete. An important activity that strengthens the coffee community and our relations with other coffee producers in the area.

We believe that coffee producers of Boquete need to stay united and work together for the common good of the business. These kinds of activities are, therefore, necessary and very enriching to achieve this goal.

Visit to La Huella Coffee. Boquete.
Visit to La Huella Coffee.  Boquete.

After 3 days sharing experiences, knowledge and creating a strong network of coffee producers of the region, we reconfirm that activities of this nature are not only rewarding but necessary.

At ICFC, we are looking forward to promoting and continuing to develope these activities with the coffee community.

Darren Doyle

Darren Doyle

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