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New Packaging Machines and Chocolate Bar Wrappers Ordered!

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As we continue in the phased development and expansion of the current chocolate-making factory in Belize and the introduction of our new factory in Panama, we are adding new equipment and altering our packaging process to handle the increased production and sales volume.

Until now, each and every bar we made has been individually wrapped and packaged by hand.

Considering we were selling 15,000 bars a month pre-COVID, that’s a lot of hands!

Now that our 2+ years of relationship building in Japan is starting to bear fruit, with orders in-hand, it’s time to scale up to the next level of production and packaging.

2 x flow-wrapper machines have been ordered and will arrive in 6-8 weeks, 1 for Panama and 1 for Belize, that will be able to wrap and seal 14,000 Brukdown or Ay Ombe 50gram bars per day.

To put this into perspective, it would take 3 people 14 days to do the same amount by hand and the end result of a hand-cut and hand-sealed package, would not be as neat and uniform as the machine will do it.

These same flow-wrappers will also be used to apply the inner-foil layer to our luxury range of 80gram bars in Panama and Belize.

With these changes, we can now take advantage of the economies of scale and order much larger volumes of packaging that has brought our cost per bar down considerably and increased our profit margins.

The new pricing brings Brukdown/Ay Ombe wrappers down from $0.017 cents per bar to $0.0033 cent per bar, and inner foil down from $0.09 cents to $0.028 cents. In simple terms, the wrappers cost 80% less, and the inner foil on the luxury bars costs 67% less.

That’s just the savings and cost reduction on packaging alone and before we take into account the massively reduced labor cost.

The new cold sealed packaging has additional, quality control benefits.

Wholesalers, distributors and end-consumer want to receive their food in sealed, tamper-proof packaging. Especially in light of the last 10 months!

Our new and improved packaging will allow us to produce larger volumes at lower prices and also increase quality control and customer satisfaction.

All of which adds to the bottom line and the return to our investors. Which is why you are reading these newsletters, right?

To discuss the current opportunity and see how you can profit from the sales of these bars, or to reserve your Units, request the subscription agreements or schedule a call here!

You can own your very own range of high-end chocolate bars that are set for global distribution!

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