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Grand Opening! New Panama Chocolate Factory (AKA ATELIER)

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For those of you already invested in Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC, the latest chocolate syndication, and for those of you planning to join soon, these next few weeks will be very exciting!

After months of rehab, re-wiring the building to add 3-phase power and dealing with all the various government agencies like the health dept, the fire dept and the municipality, we are at the final stage and getting ready to open.

This weekend Werner Ruegsegger, our Swiss Chocolate Maker extraordinaire, flies into Panama to get our brand-new chocolate making equipment up and running with the grand opening penciled in for the 1st week in December.  

Werner will be here for 3 weeks as he fires up the new equipment, unveils his exciting new chocolate recipe’s and provides invaluable extra training for our already capable staff.

We are drawing up a list of invitees to the grand opening who will be the "who’s who" of the local coffee and chocolate industry, the tourism, restaurant and hospitality trade and decision makers in some of Panamas most popular high-end stores and supermarkets.

We will be sure to document this auspicious occasion and share the highlights through our usual marketing channels.

Check out the first of many videos created to promote the new chocolate bars

As well as being a state-of-the-art chocolate making factory, the likes of which Panama has never seen before, the new Atelier (that’s European you know! ) will be so much more. The layout is being carefully designed to host "Willy Wonka" style tours for locals and tourists alike.

Customers will be able to follow the entire chocolate making process from bean to bar, or even take an in-depth class and make their own bars!

With the Atelier having its very own, in-house The Perfect Pair specialty coffee shop, customers can also enjoy some of the best coffee Panama has to offer from our proprietary farms, or for something stronger, indulge in some evening Choc-Tails in our upstairs lounge! (staffed by our very own "lounge wizard" who is a fully experienced barista, mixologist and sommelier)

As customers leave through the gift-shop they will have the opportunity to pick up a wide range of chocolate and coffee treats as well as traditional, branded souvenirs.

Why are we telling you this?

Because each and every one of these revenue streams listed above, contributes to the bottom line of Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC

A nice addition to the projected bar sales nationally in Panama and soon to be internationally in Japan 🙂

This Offering is expected to be 70% funded this month, so if you have been "watching and waiting", don’t wait much longer!

Request the necessary documentation by responding to this email or schedule a call with me here to reserve your position in this extremely exciting opportunity.

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