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Live from Japan - Virtual Cacao Farm and Factory Tour

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For those of you following our progress, you will have heard us mentioning Japan and our Japanese partners more and more frequently.

You hopefully saw the announcement in February where we sent our first shipment of chocolate bars to Japan from our new factory in Panama.

This order was placed by our new Japanese clients, who happen to be one of the largest trading companies in Japan and SE Asia. Who also happens to own a very large travel company.

With the pandemic massively affecting their travel business, they have been pretty inventive and started doing virtual tours to destinations they would usually travel to.

They have had live virtual tours from Africa, Europe and now, on July 10th, they will be streaming live from the cacao farms and the chocolate factory in Panama!

Sneak peek of the farm and facilities that they will Virtually Tour!

When the customer signs up for the tour, they will also receive one of our chocolate bars in the mail.

So as they virtually make their way through the entire seed to bean to bar process, guided by our team of experts, they will be able to taste the end product in real-time.

At the end of the tour, we will also hold a chocolate tasting class, so hopefully, they haven’t eaten it all by then!

This is just one small step in the marketing and promotion plan as we introduce our Panamanian and Belizean chocolate to the Japanese market.

And, the event will be opened by a very special guest. The Panamanian Ambassador to Japan will open the tour with some information on current and future trade relationships.

And he will explain why the Panamanian Embassy is officially backing our bars to bring more awareness to the quality of our products and the social and environmental projects that we have implemented and planned in Panama.

Stay tuned for more information on this hugely exciting event!

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