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? [Mahogany Chocolate] National & International Sales Underway!

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March 11th, 2021. A significant date in our journey as we continue to introduce our delicious chocolate products to the world.

At 6 am on Thursday, our team was busy loading thousands of Mahogany Chocolate bars onto a refrigerated truck, bound for Panama City, to meet the freight forwarder and onwards to Tokyo, Japan.

Just two weeks ago we sent our first large, international shipment of chocolate bars and other chocolate products to the US from our factory in Punta Gorda, Belize.

To be sending our first international shipment of bars to Japan from our brand-new factory in Panama, only a few weeks later, compounds the excitement.

Our full range of Belizean and Panamanian bars will be available online for sale and distribution in the US and Japan in a few short weeks!
After years of hard work, many bumps in the road (not to mention a global pandemic!), it is incredibly satisfying for our Team and our Investors to see the recent shipments take place.

As exciting as the international distribution channels are, we are not losing sight of the importance of a strong brand presence in our local markets.

In 2018 we launched our range of bars and other products nationally in Belize, and in 2019 we began working with a distributor that took our sales from 1,000 bars per month to 12,000 and 15,000 per month.

Now, on March 11th, 2021 (yes, the same day the shipment left for Japan!), our new range of Mahogany Chocolate bars appeared on the shelves of Riba Smith, the most prominent high-end supermarket in Panama City.

Immediately friends, family, and customers began posting online and sending us photos of our bars on the shelves, sending rave reviews about the chocolate’s excellent quality and sleek packaging.

When you take a bold idea, like starting a chocolate company out of nothing, and then you see your bars sat proudly on the shelf beside house-hold brands like Lindt, Ritters, and Cadburys, it shows you that anything is possible.

As well as being in Riba Smith, our bars are also being sold in Super Baru, the largest supermarket chain in Chiriqui, the province where our coffee farms, executive team, and chocolate factory are located.

We are in discussions with three other high-end stores and deli’s with nationwide locations, providers in the Duty-Free Zones, and Panama’s domestic and international airports.

Momentum is a beautiful thing, and the feel-good factor around the team is sky-high.

The pride and sense of achievement we see in their faces have given them all a big boost. We do not see this as a final goal reached. It is simply the first significant milestone in our long-term plans for international and national distribution of all our coffee and chocolate products.

To all of our Team and current Investors, thank you for your faith in us and all your hard work. You can be very proud of what we have all accomplished so far.

For anyone else who is interested in owning your own chocolate bar brand, with national and international distribution already established… contact me here.

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