New Packaging Machine, Product Line, And Market Niche!

Apr 23, 2021Blog, Cacao, Chocolate

Over the coming months and years, we will be gradually upgrading our factory facilities and increasing our production capacity and efficiency.

The arrival of our new Flow-Wrapper machine is the next stage in our evolution.

When we shipped our large chocolate bar orders to the US and Japan in January of 2021, every one of the many thousand chocolate bars was wrapped and packed by hand.

A meticulous and labor-intensive job.

This new flow wrapper machine will allow us to wrap in 1 day the same 15,000 bars that it took 3 staff members 2 weeks to complete.

So the increase in efficiency and reduction in labor costs is there for all to see while massively reducing our production timeline.

Another benefit is that the foil that is applied with this machine is cold-sealed and air-tight, so it is “tamper-proof” and more hygienic, which is a requirement of many high-end supermarket chains the world over.

The fact that it brings the cost of the inner foil on our 80-gram bars down from 5 cents to .07 cents per bar, doesn’t hurt either!

As well as applying the inner foil to our 80-gram bars, the flow wrapper machine can also be used for our Brukdown and Ay’Ombe bars that use a single outer layer of foil, as you are used to seeing on a Snickers or a Twix.

This more affordable, grab-and-go style bar is an essential part of our marketing plans.

Our motto is “Chocolate of the People, For the People, By the People.” So we want locals to enjoy a high-quality, locally produced chocolate bar, at an affordable price, and avoid importing and eating highly processed candy, like a Snickers or Twix!

The arrival of 2 new flow wrapper machines to our Belize and Panama chocolate factories will allow us to increase the production of the Brukdown and officially launch the Ay-Ombe.

Later in the year, we will be rolling out more new bars and products with inclusions and infusions like chocolate with coffee, hazelnut, orange peel, and mint! Lots of fun flavors to play with.

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Darren Doyle

Darren Doyle

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