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🍫 Panama Chocolate Bars and Roasted Coffee Heading to The US! ☕

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Last week we announced that the 1st container shipment of bars and other chocolate products from Belize had arrived in the US.

This shipment meant that our Belizean chocolate products were available for order with local US delivery once again in their new and improved packaging.

Dozens of you have written to say that you had ordered the bars and chocolate drink and that they already arrived and tasted amazing.

It’s a very proud moment for all of our Team and parcel Owners when we hear such glowing testimonials. So thank you.

Now, hot on the heels of the latest Belizean shipment, we are very excited to announce that our very first order of Panamanian chocolate bars and roasted coffee are also heading to the US!

The very same client is adding the Panamanian range of bars to his current inventory and has asked to include roasted coffee and cascara.

Of course, we said Yes!

So now, for those of you who recently invested in Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC, you can soon order and sample Your delicious chocolate bars from the new factory in Panama.

And for the hundreds of coffee farm parcel Owners who have not had the chance to come to Panama and visit the farms, now you can order some fantastic roasted coffee from across our 11 coffee farms in Boquete and proudly share them with your family and friends.

We are very excited about making these products available with local US delivery, as sending small volumes from Panama is so cost-prohibitive due to shipping costs.

As soon as the order is shipped and available, we will let you all know.

For anyone who orders coffee or chocolate products from Panama or Belize, we would love it if you could send us some photos of you with the products in hand.

We will create a montage of our clients enjoying their coffee and chocolate, with family and friends, maybe in front of famous landmarks, all across the US!

After six long years of hard work, bumps in the road, and unforeseen surprises, it’s hugely satisfying to have our products coming to market.

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