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$500 Christmas Cash from AgroNosotros!

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It seems like only a few months ago that we were writing “2018” for the first time, and now the year is almost over.

Time really does fly when you are having fun!

Farmland Parcels Are Available!

We have been so busy running the various aspects of our companies, that we often neglect the parcel sales side of what we do. To the extent that I get several emails a week asking if we still have parcel available.

The answer is Yes, we most certainly do!

Get yourself a combination of any 3 coffee and/or cacao parcels to receive 5% off the retail price. That’s a saving of up to $3,675!

And 10% off for 6 parcels or more. That’s a saving of up to $7,350!

We have parcels available now in our newly acquired farm in Boquete, Panama and we also have parcels remaining in our series 1 cacao farms in Belize.

These half acre parcels in Panama are $18,000 at full retail and the cacao parcels in Belize are still only $24,500 (plus local transfer tax), despite the fact that the cacao farms are fully planted and are 18 months closer to their first crop.

Growth in 2018

We have had an amazing year in both Panama and Belize with much to be thankful for and much to look forward to in 2019.

We acquired new coffee farms in Panama and cacao farms in Belize. We designed and launched 2 brand new chocolate bars in Belize and built a full chocolate making factory.

In Panama, we opened The Perfect Pair. A truly unique, first of its kind, Specialty Coffee and Fine Flavor Chocolate shop in our mountain town home of Boquete.

We continued to add to the depth of our Team, from experienced executives to young eager interns and many more in between.

Across both countries we planted out our nurseries with a combined 127,000 coffee and cacao sapling! When fully planted they will add significantly to the 150,000 trees planted over the last few years and the 97,000 adult trees already in production.

So, with more land added to our portfolio, our farms fully planted and nearing production, new team members strategically added, infrastructure in place and products being developed and launched…I think it’s fair to say we have ticked a lot of boxes in 2018.

We even found time to launch AgroNosotros!

Grow Your Cash Flow Globally…

With one simple and affordable step you can own..

  • High-demand agricultural real estate that is..
  • Turnkey managed professionally on your behalf and that..
  • Produces 2 proven products…Coffee and Chocolate…
  • Both of which are $90 Billion industries
  • Receive passive cashflow for generations to come, and…
  • Have a real Social Impact by measurably improving the lives of the impoverished coffee and cacao farm workers in Panama and Belize.

And you can diversify your portfolio away from stocks, bonds and mutual funds, outside of traditional real estate and outside of your own back yard. And feel good about your investment making a difference. That’s a combination that is hard to beat.

Send a message to me at [email protected] to reserve your parcels now…

Darren Doyle
Darren Doyle
Co-Founder & President of AgroNosotros
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