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AgroNosotros’ 2019 Amazing Events Guide

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When you are an “offshore” company with operations located in Panama and Belize, and most of your clients are located in the US, Europe and around the world, we have to work that little bit harder to be able to meet you all in person.
This is one of the reasons why we host regular group coffee and cacao farm tours and also attend select events in the US.
We do our best to schedule our group tours at times that make sense for you to travel and to spread them out throughout the year.
You are all busy folks with family, work and travel schedules to plan around so we want to give you a full heads-up with our schedule for the coming year.

So, we are very pleased to present 
AgroNosotros’ 2019 Amazing Events Guide.

Specialty Coffee Farm Tour – Panama, January 18 – 20

Peini Cacao Farm Tour – Belize, February 8 – 11

Secrets of Successful Syndication – Dallas, February 15 – 16

RE/MAX R4 – Las Vegas, February 25 – 28

17th Annual Investor Summit At Sea – March 14 – 24

1st Belize Sustainable Specialty Agriculture Symposium 
Presented by AgroNosotros, Belize, May 9 – 12

Specialty Coffee Expo – Boston, April 11

New Orleans Investment Conference – New Orleans, November 1 – 4

You can also find it on the AgroNosotros Events page where it will be updated regularly.
The farm tour spaces are limited to 12 adults at each event and fill up fast so if you see a tour that suits your schedule and you want to book your seats now, simply reply to this email and let me know.
You can click the following links to see a more in-depth itinerary and to sign up for your group tours directly on the respective websites.https://internationalcoffeefarms.com/farm-tour/ and https://peinicacaoplantation.com/tours/

You will find a detailed itinerary on each page and if you have any questions about the logistics for getting to and around Panama or Belize just send them my way.

Later this year we will also be adding some more Adventure and R&R to the tours…think white sandy beaches and white-water rafting!

So, stay tuned for some announcements coming your way soon.

As well as our group farm tours you will be able to find us at The Real Estate Guys events in the US in February, March and September next year.

We attend these events each year because we get amazing value out of spending time with the very high caliber speakers and attendees. You will too!

So, we can highly recommend the Secrets of Successful Syndication events and of course, the spectacular Investor Summit at Sea.

If you are attending these events, please let us know and be sure to come say hey!

We love putting a face and personality to people at the end of these emails.

You can sign up to these events by clicking the following links.Secrets of Successful Syndication and Annual Summit At Sea As well as all these educational events, farm tours and investment focused seminars, we are now firmly in the Coffee and Chocolate business!

And our team will be attending select events to keep an eye on market trends, develop strategic relationships in all aspects of the coffee and chocolate value chain and present our products to the world!

We will update you by email and via our Events page as we add these events to our 2019 schedule.

Rounding off the year we will once again be attending the New Orleans Investment Conference, returning as a Platinum Sponsor for our 3rd year running.
It is an excellent event to attend if you are looking to learn about the global economy, and the future of the US dollar from industry leaders.
You can learn more about it by visiting their website and you can check out some photos from this year’s event on our Facebook page, where our traditional folkloric Panamanian Dancers made quite a splash!

We hope that by providing this 2019 events guide in advance that you will be able to find something that fits your schedule, so you can meet the team in either Panama, Belize or in the US.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Darren Doyle
Darren Doyle
Co-Founder & President of AgroNosotros
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