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Amazing Specialty Coffee Farm Adventure Tour In Panama November 9th to 11th

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It’s that time of the year again and our next group coffee farm tour is coming up fast!

In a few weeks from now we will be hosting our 10th group coffee farm tour in Boquete, Panama.

Scheduled for Friday November 9th to 11th.

When we started hosting these tours, in November 2015, we could fit everything into a day and ½.

Now with 10 farms in our portfolio (soon to be 11), the coffee processing facility fully operational, the coffee evaluation laboratory fully tricked out and the Perfect Pair specialty coffee and artisanal chocolate shop open for business…we need more time!

The tour now starts at 12 noon on Friday 9th and finishes late afternoon Sunday 11th.

For a full, detailed breakdown of the weekend’s itinerary and to reserve your seats just click the link below and check out the Farm Tour page on our International Coffee Farms site.

As well as visiting our farms and facilities, a big part of the tour and one of your main reasons for coming is to get to know us!

You will meet our steadily growing team of about 45 people on the ground here in Panama who work extremely hard day-in & day-out to make the company and these coffee farms a success.

As in any business there are a lot of components that attract you to it, but at the end of the day it´s the team that will make it work.

During this educational and fun-filled weekend you will have unrestricted access to our entire team. From our General Manager, Andres Lopez, and his team of agronomists, biologists and farm workers to Priscilla Clare Nash, our VP of Operations, and her team of bookkeepers and accountants (bean counters as we lovingly call them!)

And of course, our Founder David Sewell and his wife Debra will be around all weekend, as well as yours truly!

If you have been reading our regular newsletters over the last few years you have been able to follow the steady progress we have made. Now, to find out if owning parcels in our newest coffee farm is a good fit for you and your portfolio, the last step is to come to Boquete, Panama and do your own boots on the ground due diligence by meeting the team!

There will be amazing dinners, very cool local entertainment provided by a folkloric group that we sponsor, and lots of time spent with like-minded individuals who will be joining you on the tour.

You will hike up and around high-altitude coffee farms, visit the nursery, our “worm hotel” and proprietary 5-star processing depot and learn about how micro-climates affect the final profile of the coffee and how we scientifically engineer our farms to produce the best coffee possible. “The Art of Coffee Science!”

We will show you how to identify specific coffee varietals by sight and by taste!

You will learn all about what it takes to grow and produce high-altitude, zero defect specialty coffee and you will even get to try your hand at cupping and grading several coffees from our farms.

By the time you get home you will be a veritable coffee expert compared to all your friends and family.

Over the weekend you will also learn about our many environmental and socially sustainable projects. From “worm hotels” and closed-loop processing facilities to placing 61 kids and Moms in school for the very first time!

It promises to be the most unique and rewarding real estate discovery trip you have ever taken.

Click the link to find out more and to reserve some of the remaining seats now!

See you soon in beautiful Boquete, Panama.

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