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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

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After a group coffee or cacao farm tour we often ask our attendees if they would be so kind as to give us a written testimonial that we can share with future attendees and anyone considering becoming a parcel Owner.

On Monday we received such a thoughtful and detailed testimonial from clients who just attended our latest cacao farm tour in Belize, that I just had to share it with you.

Thank you so much to Darren and the members of AgroNosotros, Mahogany Chocolate, and Peini Cacao Plantation! My wife and I had an incredible time during our tour. We had no idea the amount of time, effort and critical steps required in creating fine chocolate.

We truly appreciate the opportunity and willingness of the team to host us and provide such an excellent trip. The entire time we felt like family–in particular, having dinner and getting to know one another. We had a blast with everyone we met on this trip and truly wish the best for each and every one of them. Any questions about the investment, the country, town, villages, ruins, anything were answered with a smile and desire to convey the information.

Feliciano’s expertise on the preparation and cultivation of cacao tree saplings was highly informative, as was Sam’s explanations about the cacao bean drying/fermenting process. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different techniques and being able to see the plantations in which we had purchased a parcel.

Armando and his team’s expertise as chocolatiers was incredible. The way in which they handled the chocolate-bar forming process was really interesting, and we could tell they thoroughly enjoy their jobs. Armando and Marion were super helpful in escorting us around the island and explaining the culture.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a more helpful and down-to-earth guy than Marion. He was always assisting us with baggage, driving us around, handling the bills and explaining anything we wanted to know about Belize.

Darren and Andres were exquisite hosts from the get-go. We first met them in Belize City Airport as we were all taking the connecting flight to Punta Gorda. Their enthusiasm and excitement in the venture set the stage for the great time we had.

Darren orchestrated our trip, as we were in contact with him beforehand (when we purchased our parcel) and had a great selection of dinner plans and excursions. He willingly answered any investment questions we had and has a great personality.

Andres is a remarkable individual. Any time he spoke, it was with wisdom. He has a knack for explaining processes and quick to answer questions. One time, he went in depth as to how the soil is analyzed and utilized for organic farming. Truly a professional and we appreciate the information.

If you are interested in purchasing, the biggest surprise to us was the fact that it wasn’t forced on us. We purchased our parcel prior to our trip based off what we had already read about and learned from Darren.

The hosts truly demonstrated their commitment to our partnership and its evident that they care about us as investors. They made us feel at home. Visiting Punta Gorda only proved testament that we made a solid choice in our investment. My wife and I are now considering purchasing another parcel.

We would highly recommend the tour to anyone interested in the cacao plantation, it really opens your eyes and shows you the chocolate-making process from the ground up. You’ll see that each member of the team takes pride in their work and care about the well-being of their country.

After experiencing and learning everything the team prepared for us, my wife and I are 100% convinced that this is by far a remarkable opportunity. We feel at ease knowing full-well where our money is going and that this is a safe, sound and sustainable investment.

We wish the very best to everyone we met and hope you’re all doing well!

Very Respectfully,

Tyler E. &
Beatriz A

Darren Doyle
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